Black Terrorists: ‘Kill Gays and Put an ISIS flag at White House’

Black Terrorists: ‘Kill Gays and Put an ISIS flag at White House’

Let’s see how the Left reconciles this latest incident of the terror group known as Black Lives Matters.

The FBI arrested two BLM supporters in Chicago recently for conspiring to supply material support to ISIS. First, they tried to supply cell phone detonators for bombs to ISIS. Next, the pair plotted to send an ISIS recruit to the Middle East.

leftist attack a black reporterThat certainly sounds like a group that wants to bring peaceful attention to the violence against blacks by police, doesn’t it?

Here are two great examples of the BLM movement: Edward Schimenti and Joseph Jones, both 35. These radicalized Muslims plotted to help ISIS, and dreamed of blowing up soft targets in the U.S. as well.

As the Chicago Sun-Times reported:

“The feds allegedly led Jones and Schimenti to believe they had gained access to an ISIS network designed to smuggle new recruits into Syria.”

“The men allegedly helped the cooperator obtain cellphones meant to be used as detonators, introduced him to an undercover fed they believed could get him overseas, and then drove the cooperator to O’Hare Airport to begin his journey on Friday. Once he left, the pair planned to deliver more cellphones via the cooperator’s “aunt,” records show.”

Federal officials honed in on these Leftist choirboys when the pair of ISIS-wannabes posted terror threats on social media.

First, Schimenti bragged about watching ISIS videos daily. He wants the ISIS flag to fly “on top of the White House.”

“I want to see blood flowing, whatever way,” Schimenti said.

And a 77-page criminal complaint filed against the men suggests Schimenti also wanted to attack the Naval Station Great Lakes in North Chicago.

During the two year investigation, Jones shared brutal ISIS murder videos with undercover agents. When asked if he thought about joining ISIS, Jones replied, “every night and day.”

Finally, Schimenti fantasized about the U.S. implementing Sharia Law. He wants to execute gays by throwing them off the top of Chicago’s Sears Tower.

Of course, everyone who knows them, disavows all knowledge of their radicalization towards terrorism, starting with BLM.

Lake County BLM leader, Clyde McLemore said Schimenti took part in several BLM protests. In one protest, Schimenti denounced the police-involved shooting of Justus Howell in April 2015.

“I remember him – we had to take the mike away from him because he was too radical. In his speech he said ‘kill the police’ and talked about blowing up the police station.”

McLemore also claimed Schimenti was banned from future BLM events because “We protest peacefully.”

The Chicago Tribune reports that local Muslim leaders also knew the two men. However, they didn’t alert authorities to their pro-ISIS rhetoric.

“We had discussions about the philosophy of Islam, and they leaned toward a more militant form of Islam,” said Junard Latif, coordinator for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community mosque in Zion. “But I had no idea they would do anything like this. I can’t say enough how sad it is that people are drawn to this type of action.”

People are not drawn to terror in America, they are led to it, by Leftists.


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