China SUSPENDS FLIGHTS into North Korea: What does China Know?

China SUSPENDS FLIGHTS into North Korea: What does China Know?

For China to suspend flights into North Korea they must know something.

Certainly China chuckles at the latest fist-shaking by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. He’s been doing that for years.

What does China know?So why the moratorium…now?

We reported previously, that the Chinese threatened to bomb North Korea. The cessation of travel could be a warning to the supreme leader of North Korea.

And what of President Trump. He’s taken interest in the United States arsenal for sure. Does Trump have a new toy to showcase to Jong-un?

We’ve all seen the Trump Effect in action. Here are a few results of North Korea’s aggression, where countries recently decided to opt for safety:

  • North Korea started evacuating its capital city, Pyongyang
  • China placed 150,000 troops along its border with North Korea
  • Japanese warships and Chinese troops move into the area, anticipating military action
  • China sent North Korean coal shipments back to Jong-un
  • Japan announced it will evacuate 57,000 of its citizens from South Korea, should war break out
  • China’s national airline suspended all outgoing flights to North Korea

Again. What does China know?

This could be absolutely nothing. Or it could be the unspoken diplomacy of Donald Trump where he said, “I won’t tip my hand.”

One has to believe that any action against North Korea by the United States will be looked at as “it’s about time!”.

North Korean aggression started early in the Trump presidency.

In January, North Korea test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan. 

In response to that sign of aggression, we reported that the United States tested an electromagnetic railgun.

Next, a North Korea propaganda video warned President Trump not to respond to all these threats. Finally, we heard that the little “fat kid” prepares for war.

North Korea threatened as recently as Friday to attack major American military bases in South Korea. There comes a time when talk ends.

It appears that President Trump has drawn his own red line. Ironically, he has the Red Army backing him.

This Saturday, North Korea celebrates its “Day of the Sun” with a military parade. Displaying military might affords Kim the opportunity to test a nuclear weapon. Satellite imagery similarities between previous tests and preparations currently under observation lead many to believe this is a strong possibility.

A senior U.S. intelligence official confirmed this belief. He added that if North Korea triggers a nuke test, America will immediately respond.

American military maneuvers in the area show that statement to be legit. Two U.S. destroyers are already in the region. Heavy American bombers standby in Guam. And naval strike group, the USS Carl Vinson, was deployed to the region last week.

Vice President Mike Pence begins a 10-day Asian-Pacific tour on Sunday in South Korea, so he doesn’t appear to be worried about the North Korea threat.

The Trump administration previously said it won’t negotiate with the North unless Kim first shows he’s serious about ending its nuclear arms program.

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