CNN Mortified over Latest Developments on President Trump

CNN Mortified over Latest Developments on President Trump

President Trump continues to dazzle the nation. And now the world has taken notice.

The U.S. economy improves daily. And on the world stage, Trump’s recent actions in Syria and Afghanistan have leftists perplexed.

CNN can no longer deny Trump is gaining approvals. Monday the Drudge Report tweeted abut rising poll numbers.

Pollsters have continually underestimated President Trump. Therefore, the latest 50 percent rating is most likely an 80 percent approval rating.

We recently reported the millions Trump supporters have already raised for his run in 2020.

Even with the 50 percent “fake news” polling that is most certainly an underestimation, CNN tried to rebut the poll.

According to CNN Politics:

Most pollsters use a technique called random digit dialing, which is exactly what it sounds like, to build a representative sample. Others — particularly partisan pollsters — poll off a privately maintained voter file. (More on that here.) Which one does Rasmussen use? We don’t know if they use either — or some other way to develop a random sample of the public — because they don’t release details on how they do it.

There are other, even more technical and nerdy reasons why you should be somewhat skeptical of Rasmussen, but you get the idea. In an industry in which transparency is the name of the game, Rasmussen just doesn’t show very much of how they do what they do. That’s not to say what they do is wrong; it’s only to say we have no way of knowing how closely they adhere to accepted polling standards.

This is a very interesting take, given that CNN and every other leftist media outlet had Hillary Clinton polling ahead of Trump almost the entire election cycle.

Eventually, CNN did acknowledge the rising approval ratings correlate to Trump’s actions.

The rise in Trump’s approval numbers tracks closely with his decision to strike a Syrian air base that U.S. officials say was the staging ground for a chemical attack by that country’s government on its own people. That strike took place Thursday, April 6.

But they couldn’t just give props to the president and move on.

After Trump retweeted the Drudge Report, CNN had to take a stab at him.

The larger point here: No one poll should be taken as the “truth” about where Trump — or any other politician — stands. Polls are, by their nature, snapshots in time. That’s how we all — and, yes, this means you, President Trump — should be treating them.

Is it just me, or is CNN starting to sound like a jealous ex-girlfriend?

So when a poll shows good things for Trump, the poll is a snapshot. Polls have always been snapshots, unless they are completely wrong.

People say that Trump relies on polls. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Trump wants to believe the polls, as polling helps with analysis. Polls provide DATA! No smart person rejects data.

However, Trump knows the polls are flatly wrong. But, when he sees that polls are in his favor, he’s really thinking, “Even though you try to crush me, the polls show that my gut feel is correct.”

Trump knows the pollsters are against him. Good numbers are merely vindication of his common sense ideas.



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