DEMS STRUGGLE: Two BIG NAMES REMOVED from 2020 Presidential List [VIDEO]

DEMS STRUGGLE: Two BIG NAMES REMOVED from 2020 Presidential List [VIDEO]

The Democrats are in deep trouble. They simply have no bench, nor do they possess a single good idea.

The last election did two very bad things for the policy retreads known as Democrats.

First, it exposed just how corrupt they are. And second, the election gave us a competent leader for the first time since Reagan.

Those are two hurdles the Democrats can’t jump, particularly now that they’ve been cut off at the knees.

Add to this the fact some people within the Democratic Party refer to socialist fraud Bernie Sanders as the party’s leader, as he declines to say he’s a Democrat, and you get the bigger picture.

Recently during an interview with “Morning Joe” cohost Mika Brzezinski, longtime Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett reinforced my sentiments about the Democrats, though you have to read to tea leaves to understand her meaning.

Jarrett made it clear that there are at least two Democrats whose names can be removed from that list of America’s next potential president.

The two discussed the rough night the Obama camp and all other Leftists had on November 8, as Donald Trump sent them into political comas.

Afterward, Brzezinski inquired of Jarrett:

“Is it possible to have an impact post-White House and is there a political future for you?”

Jarrett knows she has no political future, which is why she disregards the question. Instead, Jarrett gave the “canned” response, saying, she’d like to focus on helping the “next generation” of “young people” run for office.

Translation: the tired old Democrats don’t have it, so it’s time to move on.

Brzezinski then asked about Jarrett’s “friend Michelle” Obama, and her potential to run for office.

Sadly, if Michelle Obama had run instead of Hillary Clinton, we might very well have had the first husband/wife presidencies. You can bet that many in America would have loved the “history” of such an event.

However, now that President Trump is firmly planted in office, the Democrats watched the door get slammed shut.

Jarrett answered the question of a future President Michelle Obama:

“I don’t think that would be fruitful …

I will encourage her to be a force for good, she doesn’t need much encouragement for that, obviously she was an extraordinary first lady, but I don’t think she really wants to run for office.”

Don’t bother to ask how Leftists measure First Ladies. In this case, Michelle was extraordinary, because she is black.

Brzezinski pandered further, as she asked if Jarrett could do her a “favor”:

“Could you ask President Obama something for me? Could he come back and save the party? And tell them what to do?”

Again, Jarrett knows that Obama is half-burnt toast.

Jarrett intimated that Obama won’t be coming back, as even their shadow government can’t find shade.

She then threatened America saying that Obama is committed to finding “Obama 2.0”

America welcomes that, as even the most brain-dead Leftist wants no more Obamas.




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