Detroit Man Wants to Be FIRST MUSLIM GOVERNOR in America

Detroit Man Wants to Be FIRST MUSLIM GOVERNOR in America

The Islamization of America may take a big step.

As we all know, Dearborn Michigan has become Muslim-central. And, the experiment in the takeover of America has begun near Detroit.

Thus, I’m not surprised by the news of a Muslim man deciding to run for governor of Michigan.

As Detroit News reports,

He’s made a name for himself in Detroit as a leader in the fight for environmental justice, but the city’s health chief has resigned to tackle his next challenge: a bid for governor.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed told The Detroit News he gave notice on Monday in favor of pursuing the state’s highest office on a platform that will be deeply rooted in his values of equity and inclusion.

The 32-year-old Rhodes scholar was appointed executive director of the Detroit Department of Health & Wellness Promotion in 2015.

In his tenure, El-Sayed overhauled the city’s troubled animal control office and emerged as an outspoken advocate for residents most impacted by higher rates of lead exposure and asthma. He opposed Marathon Petroleum’s controversial request to increase emissions in southwest Detroit and demanded a safer learning environment for city schoolchildren. His final day is Feb. 17.

And why shouldn’t El-Sayed be the next governor of Michigan; after all, he was a dog catcher! Moreover, why not just plan to run for president in 2020 while he’s at it?

The Ruse Begins

The takeover of America by Muslims won’t come from ISIS goat-humpers. The real devils wear suits.

These radicals study at Ivy League schools. Further, they look like Westerners and talk like us. Because Obama familiarized us with their names and some of their culture.

Sadly, never has there been such a quick adaptation to such a dramatically different culture, than that of those who practice Islam. ALL other cultures gladly accept the American way of life. Not practitioners of Islam.

El-Sayed commented,

“My work has always been about building and leading the kinds of institutions that create opportunity for real people by breaking down barriers they face…That work has never been more important than it is today. The politics of fear and hatred threaten to divide us.”

El-Sayed attacked President Trump, though not by name.

He said during a speech to a crowd at Detroit’s Eastern Market, that some people believe they can make the country great again by claiming that people who “look like me” do not belong here and that they should not get involved.

Obama used that same nonsense as an excuse. Moreover, it’s the typical Leftist narrative from a man whose religion mandates that he kill most Leftists.

America gave a mandate to President Trump in November. However, El-Sayed said in another interview that Americans have “buyer’s remorse” over that decision.

He couldn’t be more wrong.


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