DISTURBING: Leftist says ‘Don’t punish people who knowingly infect others with HIV’

DISTURBING: Leftist says ‘Don’t punish people who knowingly infect others with HIV’

Writer Erika D Smith wrote an interesting piece recently titled: Why are people going to jail over HIV? Her hypothesis? Threatening to punish people for transmitting HIV does absolutely nothing for public health.

This leftist logic is as equal to saying, “there are so many rapes in America why bother making rape a crime?” Lay back and enjoy it, Ladies!

The Left fake “compassionate,” “caring,” and “tolerance” with all the sincerity of a gold-digging groupie.

Erika D. Smith states:

“In California and more than 30 other states, dozens of laws remain on the books to punish people who willfully expose others to [HIV]…To this day, people still get charged with felonies over HIV and go to prison for five, 10 or even 20 years. In some states, those convicted must register as a sex offender for life.”

“Now the remnants of those laws are being used to marginalize a whole new group of people with HIV, many of them opioid addicts spreading the virus through dirty needles. It’s time to be “compassionate,” “caring” or “tolerant.”

People who live recklessly and don’t bother to get tested for HIV before exposing people to their life-changing maladies should get compassion?

Passing along a potentially deadly disease is and should continue to be a criminal offense. But she continues in her delusion:

“…Meanwhile, black women make up only 4 percent of the Californians diagnosed with HIV, but account for 21 percent of people who have gotten in trouble for it. A good number of them are sex workers, turning a potential misdemeanor prostitution charge into a felony.”

So it’s a “black thing?”

Far be it for this leftist to look at the social conditions that caused black women to resort to such risky behavior. The statistics don’t add up. 

For example, the 4 percent of black women who are HIV positive may make up 30 percent of the prostitutes. I don’t have the data to back that up, and it is doubtful that Smith has the data to refute it.

Moreover, the reason black women are likely hitting the streets in greater numbers than other races per capita is due to conditions imposed by leftists. The number of single mothers in the black community boggles the minds, disgraceful by any standards.

Further, this same twisted logic with respect to allowing people to knowingly give HIV to somebody permeates leftist thinking.

In the case of black crime, leftists overlook black criminality for the sake of political correctness. In the many discussions around the police killing blacks, only a few people had the guts to quote the real statistics, which prove that blacks are actually LESS likely to be killed by cops than whites.

Who engenders this type of idiotic thinking?

A gay man from San Francisco, of course.

Sen. Scott Wiener (not kidding, that’s his name) is pushing a bill that would greatly reduce the penalties for transmitting HIV. Warning: one might want to avoid this wiener, for sure.

Wiener sponsored Senate Bill 239 “that would greatly reduce the penalties for transmitting HIV.”

This Bill would repeal two [felony offenses for people who deliberately pass along HIV] and reduce two others to a misdemeanor, just like the intentional transmission of every other infectious or communicable disease.”

Erika D Smith praises this bill, and argues that the reasoning for the bill “is pretty plain.”

Sen. Scott Wiener says:

“It’s time to be compassionate, caring or tolerant,” Smith concludes. “It’s time to end the cycle.”

It used to be a “gay” thing.

Recall, when AIDS first hit the scene, it was predominantly in the gay community.

But the LGBT lobbied hard to “destigmatize” the disease, and not have it associated with gay men. The result created an explosion of HIV and AIDS-related deaths.

Here’s what we published on this subject a while back.

  “Sex doesn’t cause AIDS – a virus does.”

AIDS was first identified in the United States in 1981.  Since then, “an estimated 1,051,875 people have been diagnosed with AIDS in America.”  Close to 600,000 of them have died.

In 1983, there were only 1,500 cases of AIDS diagnosed in America, but the rate of infection was doubling every month.  The gay rights community, however, was engaged in a campaign of intimidation against those who would label the disease “sexually transmitted.”

For example, the Stonewall Gay Democratic Club in San Francisco was one of the more powerful political groups in the Bay Area.  It promoted the slogan, “Sex doesn’t cause AIDS – a virus does.”

The Left, specifically the LGBT lobby intentionally duped the public. The reason: to keep America on the pro-gay bandwagon.

Despite the potential disaster from this disease, the Left put narrative over public safety. It wasn’t like people didn’t know this disease was being transmitted by gay men.

And where are we now?

AIDS is mainstream. The Left made sure the disease was not quarantined in the gay community. This would have made treatment and cure much easier. Instead, HIV-positive men slept with men and women, and the disease spread like a wildfire.

According to David Horowitz, in his book “Radical Son,” the group was afraid that when 95 percent of the cases in San Francisco were among gay men, any correlation of the disease with promiscuous homosexual activity would “create a political backlash.”

Gay rights activists in government compounded the problem.  Pat Norman was the Director of the Office of Lesbian and Gay Health in San Francisco’s health department.  She was also the chair of the Coordinating Committee of Gay and Lesbian Services, which compared the screening of blood donors as “reminiscent of miscegenation blood laws that divided black blood from white.”  They even compared it to the internment of Japanese during World War II.

During all this, the gay bath houses continued to operate.  Some men there would have unprotected sex with up to ten other men a night.  But because liberals were concerned about the political backlash of the facts,  it was easier to blame Reagan for committing genocide against the gay community by not funding AIDS research than it was to close the bath houses.

How many cases would have been prevented if liberals had told the truth is impossible to calculate.  However, we do know that there are more than a million Americans living with the disease today.

Leave it to the Left to make the world a much more unsafe place for those playing by the rules.

But as Erick D Smith might say, “Who cares that you play by the rules? Rules are for suckers.”


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