Political Correctness KILLING ESPN: The Leftist Sports Network [VIDEO]

Political Correctness KILLING ESPN: The Leftist Sports Network [VIDEO]

More ESPN layoffs were announced on Wednesday. A few are big name on-air personalities.

ESPN layoffsApparently, ESPN suffers the same fate as the NFL and other politically-correct sports franchises. Like the NFL and others, ESPN now must look at the hard reality of its Leftist views, as that reality has finally hit the bottom line.

Viewers don’t want political lectures. They want to see one of the last meritocracies…competition. ESPN followed the social-engineering of the Leftist administration, and thus they suffer.

The company will layoff over 100 employees. And what a list. [AT THE BOTTOM]

The layoff includes men, women, blacks, whites, and even a couple of Hispanics. Next, reporters, writers, analysts, and even show host announcers received their walking papers.

It’s difficult to tell sexuality from the list; however, I suspect a couple of LGBTQ were let go too. In fact, from our vantage point, almost all minorities are included in this list except Muslims and Guatemalan midgets!

Wait … NO ASIANS! Not much need for ESPN 9 to cover badminton, ping pong, and sumo, I suspect.

ESPN By the Numbers

ESPN lost more than 12 million subscribers over the past several years. This not so slow drip coincides with ESPN’s obvious attack on Conservatives. Take for example, ESPN’s glorified coverage of the Women’s March. Outside of pandering to women, what did this possibly have to do with sports?

Then, contrast that with their subsequent snub of the March for Life. Does ESPN not realize the racial makeup of its key sports? Black people. Saving babies means saving black babies, ergo athletes!

Conservatives rebelled when ESPN fawned over Michael Sam as the first openly gay man drafted in the NFL. As our team predicted, Michael Sam never played a single down of professional football. By the way, where is he now? Don’t know, don’t care. And neither does ESPN. Sam was pimped, then it was on to the next social-engineering experiment.

Enter Jason Collins. Another “hero” who withheld his sexuality until his career was on the decline.

Then the NFL gave America Colin Kaepernick. ESPN could have and should have downplayed his antics. However, they took the Leftist bait, and it has backfired.

In short, Conservatives hit the breaking point.

Breitbart called this political payback by Americans fed up with liberal elites who presume to tell conservatives what to think and how to vote.

As a result, our team previously reported, ESPN’s ratings and earnings plummeted.

Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis attacked ESPN saying:

“ESPN decided to become a social justice warrior network, treating all liberal opinion makers as those worthy of promotion and casting aside all those who had the gall to challenge the new Disney world order. … I’m not saying that ESPN should just stick to sports, but I am saying that if you decide to allow political opinions to flourish from your network’s stars that you shouldn’t neuter all conservative opinion and allow liberal political opinion to advance unchecked. … Those with liberal opinions are rewarded and allowed to speak freely, those with conservative opinions are told to keep their mouths shut.”

A case in point is former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. ESPN repeatedly punished and eventually fired him for making conservative statements.

I’m not sure ESPN gets it. Nevertheless, ESPN heavyweight Jim Brady wrote last November about complaints of extreme liberal ideologies that negatively affect the network.

Brady tries to grapple with charges of the network’s emerging and extreme left-wing bias and suggests ways to address that perception. In his November 8 piece, Brady spends much time insisting there is no left-wing bias at ESPN even as he argues that the network hasn’t done enough to assure customers and sports fans that the network welcomes all political views.

The only wake-up call the Left answers to is the one that hits them in the pocketbook.

We don’t want left-wing political commentaries. We want sports. If they can’t turn it around on their own, ESPN will soon beg conservatives to come back, just like Starbucks did.

Here’s a list of some of the big names leaving ESPN. If you can find a category we’ve missed, let us know.

Ed Werder

Pierre LeBrun NHL columnist

Joe McDonald NHL writer

Scott Burnside NHL columnist

College basketball reporter Dana O’Neil

Soccer writer Mike Goodman

ESPNU anchor Brendan Fitzgerald

Big Ten reporter Jesse Temple

Big Ten football reporter Austin Ward

MLB analyst Jim Bowden

Baseball reporter Mark Saxon

College football reporter Brett McMurphy

ESPN Dallas writer Jean-Jacques Taylor

College basketball writer Eamonn Brennan

Dan Sharfin

College football reporter Jeremy Crabtree

College basketball reporter C.L. Brown

Columnist Johnette Howard

And more…

SEC analyst Derek Tyson

Big Ten reporter Brian Bennett

MLB writer Jayson Stark

Big 12 reporter Max Olson

ESPNW reporter Jane McManus

David Ching

Doug Padilla

Danny Kanell

NFL analyst Trent Dilfer

Pac 12 reporter Ted Miller

NBA reporter Sherwood Strauss

Anchor Jay Crawford

ESPNW writer Melissa Isaacson

Houston Rockets writer Calvin Watkins

College basketball analyst Len Elmore

NFL analyst Ashley Fox

NBA reporter Justin Verrier

Radio host Robin Lundberg

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