FBI Investigating Wife of Bernie Sanders for Fraud

Leftists succeed only when they get the government to give them other people’s money.

Look at the Obamas and the Clintons. Two families of losers who have profited from the public dole, and little else.

And now we get the Bush League version, namely the Sanders family; as in Bernie Sanders

As the Daily Caller reports,

FBI Investigating wife of Bernie Sanders #KevinJackson #TeamKJJustice Department officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have investigated the wife of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — and may still be investigating her — over her role in the possibly fraudulent acquisition of nearly $7 million in tax-exempt bonds when she was the president of Burlington College.

An extremely ambitious expansion and fundraising effort spearheaded by Jane Sanders ended up bankrupting the tiny, private and now-defunct school in Burlington, Vermont. It closed its doors — suddenly and permanently — in 2016.

Emails obtained through an open records request by The Vermont Journalism Trust reveal that FBI agents and the US Attorney’s Office in Vermont have been analyzing Burlington College records for over a year. Also, the feds have subpoenaed at least one former Burlington College employee.

It appears that Jane Sanders scuttled the ship.

I’m not surprised in the least by the fact that the wife of a socialist ran a college into the ground. And that’s difficult to do in comparison to running a real business.

Did Jane Sanders use her husband’s notoriety for fundraising? I’m not sure if that’s what the FBI believes. But regardless, it certainly didn’t work.

Former Burlington College dean of operations Coralee Holm, told The Vermont Journalism Trust that FBI agents questioned her about the fundraising activities related to the expansion.

After Sanders orchestrated the deal involving the $6.7 million in tax-exempt bonds, the fortunes of Burlington College took a serious turn for the worse.

Burlington College did not receive anything close to $2.6 million in donations. In fact, from 2010 to 2014, the school only received $676,000 in donations, according to The Vermont Journalism Trust.

Sanders’s successor as Burlington College president, Christine Plunkett, would later express surprise about the lack of donations, according to local CBS affiliate WCAX-TV.

But we don’t need to worry about the Sanders family. These socialists have done quite well.

Thus, if the FBI is going to investigate Jane, they should add Bernie. I satirically wrote:

FBI investigating wife of Bernie Sanders #KevinJackson #TeamKJWhat’s the going rate for a socialist sellout? Bernie Sanders talks a good game, but this guy flatly didn’t want to be president.

Either that or Bernie doesn’t want to give back that JET!

Sanders acts like he’s already spent the money Hillary gave him. That’s what happens when you win the lotto. Before the money starts coming, people give you lines of credit.

Sanders has already bought the new house, the his and her Ferrari’s for him and his wife. He’s made down-payments on the house in the woods, and the beachfront property, where he will build soon.

Here is the truth behind the humor, as reported by The Washington Free Beacon,

According to Jane O’Meara Sanders, the senator’s wife, Sanders’ House campaigns paid her more than $90,000 for consulting and ad placement services from 2002 to 2004. She pocketed about $30,000 of that money.

After working for the campaign, the senator’s wife would come under scrutiny for expenditures at Burlington College, where she was hired as president in 2004. While she led the school, it paid six-figure sums to her daughter and the son of a family friend.

Burlington College offered its students a study abroad program in the Caribbean, according to tax filings. It reported spending about $47,000 on that program in the tax year beginning in mid-2008.

Around that time, the son of Jonathan Leopold, a Burlington College board member, purchased a small resort in the Bahamas called Andro’s Beach Club and an accompanying hotel, Nathan’s Lodge.

And recently we learned that the Sanders have purchased a lake house for $600,000.

This is not exactly chump change, especially for an avowed socialist. Here’s what we wrote about ONE-PERCENTER, Bernie Sanders:

Sanders owns three homes, his most recent purchase a $600,000 lakefront property in Vermont last year.

Next, despite being a government employee and public servant for the majority of his adult life, Sanders has made quite a bit of money. Moreover, Sanders only paid a tax rate of 13.5 percent in 2014, a paltry amount, given all his big talk about the rich not paying their “fair share.”

Bernie is ripe for ridicule, as he represents the very people he claims to despise. Both he and his wife are crooks and frauds.




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