Redneck SCHOOLS Muslim-Loving Feminists on Freedom [VIDEO]

Redneck SCHOOLS Muslim-Loving Feminists on Freedom [VIDEO]

God bless America for all the freedoms we have in this country. We have these freedoms, not because of cocktail-sipping Leftist weenies. We have these freedoms because of amazing Conservatives.

One group of proud Conservatives are those we affectionately term “Rednecks.” Rednecks got this name because they worked their butts off in the sun all day earning a living. In doing so, their necks became red.

Proud Americans, willing to do a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. Contrary to what Leftists want to convey, Rednecks, for the most part, are not racist. They tend to be bigots, however…against Leftists.

Further, Rednecks are amazingly smart people, despite how the Left attempts to ridicule the accent of the typical Redneck.

A self-proclaimed Redneck took to the airwaves recently to educate our “feminist friends” about just how much freedom the wouldn’t have under Islamic rule.

In what should be required “learnin'” for feminist, this highly educated Redneck from the University of Logic Reason and Common Sense describes feminist reactions to conservative viewpoints.

An excerpt:

“My feminist friends are freaked out by Donald Trump’s desire to slow the entrance of Muslims into our country. If I tell them it’s wise to pace immigration and match the rate of assimilation, they call me a xenophobe. And that’s if they’re in a good mood. If not, I’m just a fascist.

Next, he reveals the general anger with which most feminists comport themselves towards political opponents.

“Why the overwhelming fondness on the Left for all things Islam?”

“One particularly agitated fembot laid into me recently for suggesting that the business of preserving a culture includes an immigration preference for those who share our liberal Western values. She called me a redneck asshole.”

Next, he enlightens feminists on how little freedom we’d have if Muslim extremists were allowed free reign to turn America into a third world Islamic hell hole.

“That made me think about how much better off this accomplished and high-earning woman would be if she were forced to live among rednecks like me, than if she were exported to say, Saudi Arabia.”

“In Alabama, you would not only be encouraged to drive a car, but you’d even be welcome to drive a big rig. Or operate a backhoe. Or whip through a warehouse with a well-loaded forklift.”

“In Alabama, you could start a business, travel alone, or carry a gun. Even sunbathe on the deck of your above-ground pool in nothing more than a rebel flag bikini in full view of passing pickup trucks.

“If you decided to become a lesbian, your neighbors might arch an eyebrow for half a week, but they wouldn’t toss you from the roof of the local Stucki’s.

“If you were accused of adultery, you might catch a little shit, but nobody would cane you in public, or throw a big stoning party down at the quarry in Peckerwood Creek.”

“In Alabama you could do just about anything you wanted to do. You could even vote. And if some redneck asshole started knocking you around, some other redneck asshole would come to your rescue.”

Finally, the commentator sums up with a basic comparison of life under Muslim vs. Western leadership.

“The truth is, my fetching feminist friends that the most rigid, southern evangelical you can find is just about a light year more tolerant of everything that you claim to believe in, than a run-of-the-mill Muslim of average piety.”

“Let’s just strip away the bullsh*t, shall we. You don’t love Muslims, or respect them. You don’t really want to hear the call to prayer wafting through your comfy neighborhood while you pour your coffee and prepare your artisanal, gluten free bagel.”

“No, the truth is, you just hate anything that conservatives love. And that puts you in the awkward position of loving anything that makes conservatives nervous. You want to adopt a million Muslims because it will piss off the religious right. Period.”

Feminists could learn a lot from Redneck men. And feminist could start birthing real men, if occasionally one would marry a Redneck instead of the metrosexual man-girls.

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