TRUMP EFFECT: Former Obama Staffer CANCELED to Speak at University

TRUMP EFFECT: Former Obama Staffer CANCELED to Speak at University

Valerie Jarrett was to be paid $30,000 to speak at a university.

First of all, is that the “black woman” rate? Hillary Clinton averaged over $200,000.

Or, was this rate the post-Obama rate? Is leftism no longer a hot commodity?

North Eastern Illinois University is in the middle of a financial crisis. Recently, the school shut down for spring break and announced unpaid furlough days for the staff. But that didn’t stop the school from trying to enrich a Leftist Democrat, specifically Valerie Jarrett.

However, the board got word that Jarrett would be paid $30,000 for a commencement speech, and rightfully balked.

With this development, the group that invited Jarrett enticed a private donor picked up the tab. That didn’t appease the board, as officials rightfully found the fee ridiculous.

Of course Jarrett tried to mitigate the situation, claiming she was unaware of the school’s financial crisis. Interesting that Jarrett would be paid a year’s tuition at the college to speak for 30 minutes, and not see the irony?

A Leftist Radical Speaks for FREE

The controversy ended when Jarrett announced that she would waive her fee. 

This is a huge deal. And not because Jarrett waived her fee.

I theorize that Jarrett would have spoken for at least $100,000+ in the “old days.” So her “slave wages” represent a departure for the norm.

Further, consider that the board at a university essentially put the kibosh on a former Barack Obama surrogate. And not just any surrogate, but Obama’s right-hand man.

And then there is this!

According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

There have been legislative efforts to try to stop public universities from paying commencement speakers. A measure last year died in the Illinois House, but State Rep. Mark Batinick, R-Plainfield, said on Tuesday that he plans to refile the bill as soon as next week. He said speakers would be paid travel expenses, but not a fee for the speech.

“There are plenty of successful people who believe it’s about giving back. These people should be seeking out those venues to be giving those speeches,” Batinick said. “It should be an honor to give that speech.”

This is a fantastic development.

Recall that shortly following the election we reported how much money Hillary Clinton raked in with her speeches.

Between 2001 and 2016 the Clinton’s earned $153 million in just speeches. As I indicated earlier, the Clinton’s averaged over $200,000 per speech.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Hillary Clinton offered the added charges:

  • $2,700 for a child to ask a question
  • and a whopping $10,000 for a family photo!

Clinton recently spoke at the Women in the World Summit, yet we can’t find any indication of what she was paid. But, you can bet that Clinton no longer garners $200,000+ per speech.

And if these aren’t enough warning signs, last week the Women Helping Girls Conference canceled Susan Rice. The organizers cited a “ticketing error”.

Apparently, the new definition of “ticketing” is when a speaker is toxic due to scandals. Thus, yet another former Obama staffer gets dissed.

Leftists should note that this is a sign of things to come. An unforeseen outcome of President Trump’s election and further draining of the swamp.

Leftists won’t speak for free, at least not very long. Soon, we can get academia back in check.


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