HARD BUTT-KICKING: Hillary Clinton’s Book of Excuses

HARD BUTT-KICKING: Hillary Clinton’s Book of Excuses

Hillary Clinton’s excuses for losing the election make War and Peace read like a pamphlet.

In her first interview since losing the election, Hillary droned on for 45 minutes about why she lost her presidential bid to Donald Trump.

Perhaps one day Hillary Clinton will place some blame for losing at her own feet. Until then, she’s racking up the possibilities.

Excuse No. 1 – Women haters united against a Woman.

“Certainly misogyny played a role. That just has to be admitted.”

Hillary Clinton's Book of Excuses #KevinJacksonIndeed. And Clinton claims science backs her up.

Men can be ambitious, successful, and well-liked. This implies that women cannot. At least some women cannot.

It’s funny how Leftist women always cry “gender” when they feel one of them is under attack.

Regardless, there are likable women. Take Julie Andrews. I’d vote for Mary Poppins. Then what of Celine Dion? She’s very likable. Finally, I’d be willing to bet you that Michelle Obama would have beaten Hillary Clinton.

Excuse No. 2 – Trump voters are stupid and go only by looks when choosing a candidate.

Wow. Sounds like Hillary Clinton feels a bit low about herself.

The former candidate speculated that Trump voters’ justification for opting against Hillary may have sounded like this:

“I don’t agree with him, I’m not sure I really approve of him, but he looks like somebody who’s been president before.”

From the woman who ran the “adult in the room” campaign.

Certainly the disdain for Clinton by Trump supporters had nothing to do with her calling us a “Basket of Deplorables”?

Maybe we found Hillary Clinton to be unpresidential.

Excuse No. 3 – Democrats don’t communicate to voters very well.

On that we agree. It’s because Democrats are inherently ignorant.

Thus, smart, working class Americans turned out for Trump. Voters sickened of being demeaned by Leftists, particularly the so-called intelligentsia. We are immensely smarter than Leftists, and we don’t need Ivy League degrees to prove it.

But as Hillary put it,

“…and you layer on the first woman president over that, and I think some people, women included, had real problems.”

Nonsense. Democrats communicated very well with voters. And that’s why Trump won.

Excuse No. 4 – My actions didn’t create bad critiques; nasty insults follow prominent women.

“Toughen up your skin. Be ready. It’s not a new phenomenon, but it feels new and painful every time it happens to you.”

Clinton's Book of Excuses, #KevinJacksonSo much for the Women’s Movement. Who knew that Hillary Clinton didn’t want to always be so tough. That would have been an easier sell if Clinton were so visibly and continually kicking men in the nuts.

Take for example the four men she allowed to die in Benghazi.

Clinton can’t fathom how her public perception might be tainted when she said of four dead Americans, “What difference does it make?!” Further, we learned that Clinton gave the “stand down” order.

“Oh my gosh, by the time they finished with me, I was Typhoid Mary.”

That reputation was solidified long before the primary season even got started.

Excuse No. 5 – James Comey’s transparency did me in.

Clinton blamed FBI director James Comey. His “October surprise” re-opened the investigation into Clinton’s illegal email server.

We learn from WikiLeaks that Clinton and her staff exposed 1,000s of classified U.S. documents to foreign government agencies, yet she believes that her pompous attitude had nothing to do with her electability.

The level of denial replete in Clinton’s list of excuses over her role in her own election loss is truly staggering.

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