After Hitting a Police Officer This Man Gets Tased in the ‘Nether Region’ [VIDEO]

After Hitting a Police Officer This Man Gets Tased in the ‘Nether Region’ [VIDEO]

It’s clear to me why some people get shot by police.

Lucky for this man he had a female officer who likely felt sorry for him. I know I would have shot him.

In the video you can see the standoff. As the police officer waits at the entrance for backup, she’s heard to repeatedly tell this moron to put his hands behind his back.

I’m not sure what the man did, but I suspect the restaurant or patrons called the police. Though CNN and BLM would report this as a “hunt,” the woman doesn’t look like she looking to fulfill her quota of black men to kill.

The filmmaker or somebody near him can be heard saying, “Please tase him. I want her to tase the sh*t out of him.” One could surmise that the man was being disruptive.

Regardless, the real action occurs around 1:05, when the officer prepares to enter the restaurant.

The officer appeared to have talked the man into surrendering. You can clearly see that she puts the taser away, and then completely enters the building/

Once she’s inside, she appears to reach for his hands, when he punches her. She retrieves the taser, and it was GAME ON!

The person filming can be heard giving commentary, beginning with “It’s for her protection. Oh! Um um um…”

You hear the “pop” of the laser.She then tases the man in his “crotchular region”!

She then tases the man in his “crotchular region”!

The man falls to the floor in obvious pain, muscles taut. The officer releases the trigger and demands that the man “Turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

I’m not sure if he has mental issues or the taser gave him temporary Tourettes, but he doesn’t comply.

The officer delivers another jolt to the ‘nether region,’ yet the man still doesn’t comply.

Once again you can hear to neon-light buzz of the taser.

You can hear the man cursing though his words come through a taser-induced lockjaw.

“God-damn ahhhh…God-damn…ahhhh”

She finally got the man to do as he was told. Sirens are then heard in the background.

The person filming is heard to say, “Good job, Officer.”

This could have ended a lot uglier.


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