Anti-Trump Hollyweirdo Tells Democrats to STOP BLOCKING GORSUCH

Anti-Trump Hollyweirdo Tells Democrats to STOP BLOCKING GORSUCH

I have predicted that soon many people will abandon the ship of fools filled with Leftists, and jump on the Trump Train.

One by one the dominoes fall on the Left. 

We chronicled Jennifer Garland, Roseanne Barr, Clooney’s wife, to name a few. Others like Ice Cube admitted early on that they favored Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Now we get Cher?! Well sort of.

In defending Judge Gorsuch, Cher tweeted:

Just days before, the singer compared Richard Nixon to Trump, saying the president was more “corrupt.”

Like most Lefists, Cher still doesn’t quite know where she fits in the new universe.

I find it interesting that she’s lobbying for Gorsuch, a man Trump selected well in advance. Doesn’t the nomination of Gorsuch speak to Trump’s ability to select good people?

Only a partisan a-hole would not want Gorsuch as a justice. As far as Conservative judges go, you would be hard-pressed to find a better one. Apparently, Leftists want the president to select a Leftist judge.

If Gorsuch were a Leftists, and Obama had selected him, I would have supported him. One a few occasions, presidents selected the person they felt was the best justice, only to find out that the person sided more often with the other side. As Conservatives, we certainly don’t have to look very far, after Chief Justice Roberts’ royal snafu that gave America ObamaCare, and Obama his only superficial win.

As for Cher, she recognizes that Gorsuch is a good man. Further, she apparently understands that Merrick Garland was hard-core Leftists’ wet dream. There was no way the Senate would allow Obama to appoint three SCOTUS, and replace Scalia with a chest-pounding Leftist.

Cher apparently has come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is the president. They lost, we won.

Dare I dream that Cher actually may be slowly coming to appreciate what Donald Trump has already accomplished? I predict this eventuality will hit many celebrities. And once the bough breaks the cradle will fall. Leftists all across America will join the 63 million people who put the man in office.

Polls claim that we have abandoned Trump. But as with the Hillary Clinton polls, those are erroneous as well.

Despite the media onslaught and the fake narratives offered by the Democrats, President Trump wins, again and again.



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