INGENUITY: Man Breaks into House and Does the Unthinkable [VIDEO]

INGENUITY: Man Breaks into House and Does the Unthinkable [VIDEO]

As far as criminals go, to quote Denzel Washington in Training Day, “My n*gga!”

A black dude breaks into your home and cooks CHICKEN! What next, cornbread and collard greens?

Talk about a brother living up to stereotypes. Or was he a sleep-walking short-order cook?

What would have really made this caper complete is if the brother had yelled, “Where da white women at?”

As Fox 35 reports:

You could say he was cooking up trouble.  Deputies said an alleged burglar made himself right at home, inside Samantha O’Neal’s kitchen.

O’Neal said when she arrived home with her sister and a friend, she saw 34-year-old Ronald Wesly, standing over her stove.

“I walked in to him standing here with this pot of oil, where he was frying chicken. The strainer right here, this chicken in freezer that got cut open, frying chicken,” O’Neal explained.

She said the alleged burglar had taken some chicken and sausage from her refrigerator and appeared to be drunk off of her sister’s liquor.

Melissa Stanley, O’Neal’s sister, told FOX 35, “He was in here, drunk as a skunk, just being Betty Crocker.”

In the leftist-controlled world we live in, this very well may not be a crime.

OR…if it is a crime, I suggest the perp could very well be the white woman who owned the home. After all, she “employed” a black man to cook her chicken, and he didn’t even get paid. Where is the NAACP when you need them? 

The article continues,

O’Neal was stunned, screamed, then did whatever she could to get Wesly out of her home.

“I was scared. My sister was more scared,” she explained.  “I just wanted him off the property, so I picked him up and threw him out the gate.”

The women called for help.  Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies found Wesly wandering nearby and arrested him.

Thankfully, this black man survived his police encounter.

Thus, he lives to cook chicken another day for some unsuspecting white folks.




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