DANGEROUS LEFTISM: Reason When Muslims Kill It’s Not Considered HATE [VIDEO]

DANGEROUS LEFTISM: Reason When Muslims Kill It’s Not Considered HATE

The Left fight for their fake narratives, especially when their backs are against the wall.

Consider the recent shooting by the racist Muslim who killed three white men for racist and religious reasons.

As the Left sees it, a black Muslim man who yells Allahu Ackbar after killing three white non-Muslim men has nothing to do with religion. It was only racial.

In other words, pick one: race or religion.

Then the Left picks for you. RACE. Thus, this is a “hate crime.”

Since when has the Left conceded hate crimes on anything but white people killing minorities or gays? Leftists fight against black crimes against whites being considered hate crimes.

In the recent Facebook Live brutalization of a white autistic man by blacks who yelled racial epithets, Leftists declared this wasn’t a hate crime. Again, when a white man was dragged from his car–supposedly because he supported Trump–and beaten as anti-white statements were yelled at him, Leftists declared no hate.

But we get a black Muslim who kills three white men, and it’s only about their color?

Because as we learned from Obama: Islam is the, let’s all say it together…RELIGION OF PEACE.

There were facts to the contrary, however. Like this Facebook video where the shooter claims:

“We will continue to bring destruction and wrath upon America until we establish a kingdom of infinite peace and progress.”

Ironic that one crime would showcase the legacy of Barack Obama in one nice convenient package?

Allow me to recap for the Leftists who read my work.

  • You get a black man targeting white men. “Racial division in America.”
  • Then, you get the “religious” factor. Obama’s “Islamization of America.”

The only thing missing for this to have been fully gift-wrapped for President Trump is if the victims were cops.

Leftists brought this havoc to America. They condone racist thuggery, and particularly in the name of Islam. And in case you missed it, Islamization trumps race when in the hierarchy of Leftist hate.

Now we get to pick our poison, when Muslims kill?

We are setting a dangerous precedent, allowing this so-called religion to escape the scrutiny of its daily brutality.

Muslims terrorize and every one of these attacks constitutes a hate crime.

Yet, as Newsbusters suggests, Fresno Leftist say this is not the case.

By their own accord, the AP is the main source of news for well over 15,000 outlets. Fresno’s police chief declined to rule out terrorism based on the “Allahu Akbar” statement, so one would think it’s important for the lead newswire service to get their facts right.

when Muslims killTo call this crime anything other than a terror attack based on hatred does a disservice to the community. Ignoring this fact will only engender more and more of these attacks.

Again, these attacks originate with Barack Obama. Ask

He asked Americans to accept radical Islam, as he embraced Islam thoroughly. He infused the “religion” into American society.

Ask yourself how many terror attacks there were in America prior to 2009. How many attacks during the Era of Obama? You get the picture. If you want to know the father of Muslim jihad in America, just look at POTUS 44.




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