Leftist Media EMBARRASSED When Trump Rally Picture Revealed

Leftist Media EMBARRASSED at What Trump Rally Picture Revealed

Leftist news agencies love to depict conservatives as racists. They profit from the narrative and add to their “politically-correct” merit badges.

Liberty Revival Alliance held a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, California on Saturday. The Left practically revere this place as the birthplace of tolerance. Boy how things have changed.

Leftists dressed in black with faces covered, and some carried weapons as they descended upon the scene, looking for a fight.

How did the media cover it?

They blamed Trump supporters for the violence, what else?

They then accused some Trump supporters of being “Nazis,” as leftists attacked the pro-Trump crowd.

The Sun’s description of the rally provided lots of insight.

Liberal Media FALSELY ACCUSES Trump supporters of RACISMIn a screenshot from a video that the U.K.-based rag posted, a white Trump supporter stands surrounded by four blacks. Several of the people pictured, both black and white, have their hands raised. It’s evident they are all responding to the speaker.

However, instead of reporting the scene accurately, the Sun decided to paint the white Trump supporter as a criminal who throws “Nazi salutes” everywhere.

The Sun’s caption read: “A Pro-Trump demonstrator appears to perform a Nazi salute as they voice their support for the U.S. President.”

The title of the piece is “White Supremacist punches woman.”

So exactly who was the white supremacist? And you can bet that if a leftist woman was punched, she deserved it.

How exactly are all these “Nazis” and “white supremacists” standing so close to one another and in fact fighting for the same cause?

Trump supporters didn’t fight each other. So, either all the blacks standing near him ignored this man’s alleged racism, or it just didn’t happen.

Why don’t we require “activists” to wear body cams? If these people claim to be documenting the world, then they should have no problem wearing body cams in order to support their narratives. That is unless their narratives are fake.

The Trump supporters represented well. They behaved as conservatives always behave. Leftists behaved as the terrorists they are. They then falsely tried to paint Trump supporters as Nazis and white supremacists.

Leftists are vile beings, subhuman scum, with my apologies to scum.

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