Leftists Get Their Butts Kicked at Pro-Trump Rally [VIDEO]

Leftists Get Their Butts Kicked at Pro-Trump Rally [VIDEO]

Trump supporters know the deal. Leftists are dangerous criminals, and willing to use violence.

If Milo’s non-speech at Berkeley taught us anything, it’s the Left only wants free speech for Leftists.

At a pro-Trump rally, yet again Trump supporters were ready for battle.

Note the helmet complete with mask worn by the one gentleman.

Here’s how KRON reported the event:

BERKELEY (KRON) — Fifteen people are in custody as an enormous group of pro and anti-Trump demonstrators continue to rally in Berkeley.

Hundreds of President Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters are having dual demonstrations today near the downtown area at 2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

KRON4 has a team of reporters at  Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, where 15 people have already been arrested, and gas was released on the crowd earlier in the morning.

Police say they are anticipating more arrests.

The good news is the pro-Trump group was willing to fight.

The Left believe they will intimidate us, back us down. But it’s not going to happen. More and more people will soon begin marching at these pro-Trump events.

It’s clear that Leftists are the bullies.

For all their “kumbaya,” free-speech, safe-space, trigger-words nonsense, the fact remains Leftists are TERRORISTS!

Many of these people should be and likely will be locked up in prisons with their kinfolks. Once they meet their cellies, “BenDover” and “Grabyour Ankles” they will stop the nonsense and accept that Donald Trump is their new president. Moreover, they will accept Conservatives as the new overseers.

The good news is we plan to close down the plantations. We will free these Leftist morons to the real world. They will have an equal chance at freedom as everybody else.

The alternative is to run into the wrong group of Conservatives. There are plenty of us willing to fight, when provoked.


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