PROMINENT LGBT LEADER Says Screw Bathroom Bills and Focus on Radical Islam

PROMINENT LGBT LEADER Says Screw Bathroom Bills and Focus on Radical Islam

The LGBT will one day regret the amount of time they wasted on nonsense.

Certainly gays have dealt with their share of discrimination. Almost all “special interest group” feel marginalized to some degree.

Do women deal with more than blacks, who’s to say? And what of black women?

Perhaps America needs a “hierarchy of discrimination,” so everybody knows the pecking order.

America is obviously a great country. Think about how much time we can dedicate to nonsense like the so-called War on Women, police killings of blacks, and so on.

Some in the LGBT community are beginning to get it.

Christopher Barron—a conservative strategist, founder of LGBT group GOProud, and organizer of LGBT for Trump—appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” recently.

On the show, he discussed the threat that Islamic extremism poses to LGBT people.

Tucker Carlson asked:

“But why would groups that claim to advocate for the interests of gay Americans also advocate for the admission of immigrants who hate gays.”

Barron responded:

“It absolutely makes no sense, whatsoever…None, whatsoever. I mean, look, we’ve had a conversation in the last couple decades about evolving opinions, about evangelical Christians’ opinions about LGBT people, and there’s been a lot of legitimate criticism, and I think we’ve seen a lot of changing of hearts and minds.”

“Meanwhile, the left has completely and totally ignored the fact that Islam has a serious problem with gay people,” said Barron. “We’re not just talking about, you know, won’t let people use the bathrooms that they identify with.”

Carlson interjected:

“Yeah, not baking a cake for the wedding,”  “This is a little different.”


“Right, throwing gay people off of buildings…Killing them. You look at the countries in the Middle East and their positions on LGBT people: It’s illegal to be gay in Iran. The penalty for being gay in Iran is death. This isn’t just, ‘We don’t like you.’ This is, we’re talking about state-sanctioned murder of someone just for being gay, and the left turns a blind eye to it every single day.”

Barron highlights for gays what he has seen happening to blacks, Latinos, and women.

He penned a controversial article for The Hill, in which he argued a similar point.

“While the faux battle over bathrooms rages on, a real war on the lives of LGBT people is being waged by Islamic extremists who have pledged the global elimination of LGBT people,” wrote Barron. “Just this week, ISIS released photos of extremists in the Iraqi city of Mosul throwing a gay man to his death from the top of a building in the city. …”

“It is time that LGBT people stop being used as political pawns, it is time that we end the farcical bathroom wars and, most importantly, it is time to focus on the real threats to the lives of LGBT people worldwide,”

I agree with Barron. LGBT get out before it’s too late. To support a party or ideology that promotes a dangerous narrative for gays (and other humans) makes no sense.


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