LEFTIST LIVID: Rachel Maddow Fans Accuse MSNBC Of Sexism

LEFTIST LIVID: Rachel Maddow Fans Accuse MSNBC Of Sexism

Suddenly Rachel Maddow is en vogue?

The woman who vamped for an hour, after President Trump revealed his own tax returns beating her to the scoop that wasn’t.

Then Maddow went on her “Heal My Buttocks” tour in order to save face and potentially career.

After the “Trump surge” in Maddow’s ratings, she was then back to reality. Maddow’s ratings fell back to normal: lower than a pregnant weenie dogs teets in a wagon rut.

But the queen of late night news can’t be defeated. The Left must have their champion.

So when Maddow recently had another ratings boost, this one due to FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly, Maddow was back.

Now, America knows that Maddow is {ahem} relevant. So when Maddow’s show was interrupted the other night due to the breaking story of President Trump bombing Syria, the Left went jungle. Maddow fans claimed this was done because of sexism.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Rachel Maddow Fans Accuse MSNBC of Sexism for Bumping Her for Brian Williams

Rachel Maddow fans on social media were outraged when the MSNBC host was bumped Thursday night in favor of MSNBC breaking news anchor Brian Williams.

Williams is typically brought on for any breaking news event, and he covered the late-night U.S. cruise missile strikes against a Syrian government airfield. Fox News and CNN also preempted their usual primetime programming in order to have their breaking news anchors–Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper, respectively–cover the events live.

I love seeing Leftists go at each other. One thing is clear, feminism rules Maddows’ LGBT world! Check out this tweet.

Then Amy chimed in, questioning Williams’ competence. Difficult to argue with that.

Until you realize for whom she’s arguing…RACHEL MADDOW!


Then another hit on Williams “the man.”

Terryl argues that Maddow is more capable. That’s like arguing, which stinks worse turds or 10-day-old body odor.

Finally, Girls Really Rule tweeted about Williams’ “sketchy” past, and his competence to handle breaking news.

I find it hysterical that MSNBC still relies on the king of fake news, Brian Williams to do the hard-hitting pieces. Moreover, that they would interrupt Maddow’s program to do so speaks volumes.


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