OUCH: Even Leftists Wants Chelsea Clinton To Just “GO AWAY”

OUCH: Even Leftists Wants Chelsea Clinton To Just “GO AWAY”

Fall Of The House Of Clinton

After Hillary Clinton’s historic loss in 2016, a dumbfounded East Coast mainstream media were at a loss to explain how this could have happened. Interestingly, at one-time the Democrat PR machine declared the Clintons the heirs to Camelot

The fawning adulation left even their own perplexed. As the New York Post writes:

How is it that Democrats have fealty here, let alone sympathy? How is it that Hillary routinely walks into standing ovations at Broadway theaters? Where is the realization that Hillary is to blame or the rational rejection of a two-time loser?

She has no clear reason for running, (Jon) Favreau told her staff. She has no clear vision for the country and can’t answer two simple questions: Why her, and why now?

By late 2015, Hillary told an aide she still had no idea what voters needed. “I’m really trying to put my finger on what the electorate, the Democratic primary electorate, the broader electorate is thinking and feeling right now.”

Similarly, Hillary didn’t get why Bernie Sanders was resonating. Her worst defenses kicked in, fertilized by her top aides. “From the Clinton campaign’s perspective,” the authors write, Bernie “was getting an even easier ride from the media than Obama had in 2008.”

But it seems that even the media has now grown weary of the Priory of Little Rock. Now, many wish for the Clintons to fade away into the pages of history.

Chelsea The Savior?

As previously reported, Variety Magazine chose Chelsea Clinton for a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ participation trophy.

Further, Chelsea is now being groomed for her own run for public office.

The  New York Post article continues:

Chelsea Clinton, meanwhile, is reportedly being groomed for a congressional seat and this week appeared on the cover of Variety as a “Woman of Power.” She’s never looked happier, and she’s never attempted to look so hip, outfitted in jeans, a white T-shirt and black leather jacket. Who could she be hoping to reach?

“This is not the time to be silent or stay on the sidelines,” Chelsea said. In true Clintonian mixed-messaging, she’s ruling out a run for office while continuing to raise her profile, offering policy-free platitudes to heartbroken Dems. “Talk about what’s really at risk in this moment,” she said. “Raise your voice and help others raise their voices.”

It’s a version of her mother’s intransigence, the refusal to admit voters have rejected this brand twice and to act with resultant humility.

Through the waning platitudes of a desperate Liberal blue-blood establishment, eyes are rolling.

Moreover, you can hear the whispered frustrations that it’s time them to ‘move on’. 

Columnist Michelle Malkin explains:

“Lifetime achievement”? She skated through college and pulled family strings to secure her short-lived, high-priced jobs in management consulting and media.

Those who know Chelsea Clinton best see her for what she is: a “spoiled brat,” to quote Doug Band.

She is Bill Clinton without the charm, Hillary Clinton without the ruthlessness and full Billary in her bottomless well of inflated entitlement and ideological hackery.

Accomplishments? I don’t need no stinkin’ accomplishments!

Do You Know ‘WHO’ I Am?

To answer the question, “Yes!” And what has Chelsea Clinton ever done?

Chelsea Clinton does possess an impressive resume. However, like her mom, you don’t have to go too deep to see that little has been accomplished. Worse yet, a peek at the underbelly reveals that little of Chelsea’s or her mom’s accomplishments were achieved by them.

In Hillary’s case, her help came from bad boy Bill; in Chelsea’s case, they came from genealogy.

National Review best explains the answer:

Chelsea Clinton, most recently lionized on the cover of Variety, is a 37-year-old multi-millionaire who has never uttered an interesting word about any subject at any time during the course of her life. Judging from the evidence of her public statements, she has never had an original thought — it isn’t clear that she has had a thought at all. In tribute to her parents, she was given a series of lucrative sinecures, producing a smattering of sophomoric videos for NBC at a salary of $600,000 a year. She later went more formally into the family business, leaving her fake job at NBC for a fake job in her parents’ fake charity. She gave interviews about how she just couldn’t get interested in money and bought a $10 million Manhattan apartment that stretches for the better part of a city block.

And, since her mother’s most recent foray into ignominious defeat, she has been inescapable: magazine covers, fawning interviews, talk of running her in New York’s 17th congressional district. The Democrats are doing their best to make Chelsea happen.

And, who knows, it might work. It; would be tempting to write her off as a know-nothing rich kid who has made a living off her family connections while operating one of the world’s most truly asinine Twitter accounts, but . . . well, you know.

OUCH. The truth cuts like a Star Wars lightsaber

We unveiled Chelsea’s gross ineptness a while back. But, when a publication the likes of Vanity Fair is openly critical, where there’s smoke…you know the rest.

Leftist want Chelsea ClintonPerhaps the best way to start is by revisiting some of Chelsea’s major post-2008 forays into the public eye. Starting in 2012, she began to allow glossy magazines to profile her, and she picked up speed in the years that followed. The results were all friendly in aim, and yet the picture that kept emerging from the growing pile of Chelsea quotations was that of a person accustomed to courtiers nodding their heads raptly.

Chelsea, people were quietly starting to observe, had a tendency to talk a lot, and at length, not least about Chelsea. But you couldn’t interrupt, not even if you’re on TV at NBC, where she was earning $600,000 a year at the time. “When you are with Chelsea, you really need to allow her to finish,” Jay Kernis, one of Clinton’s segment producers at NBC, told Vogue. “She’s not used to being interrupted that way.”

Sounds perfect for a dating profile: I speak at length, and you really need to let me finish. I’m not used to interruptions.

The crude conventional wisdom is that Bill Clinton craved adoration and Hillary Clinton craved power. But Chelsea Clinton seems to have a more crippling want: fashionability—of the sort embraced by philanthropic high society.

Perhaps this self-avowed Leftist captures it best?

Umm…Wow!  The knives are truly starting to come out.


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