PATHETIC: Muslim Refugees in Germany Show their Appreciation [VIDEO]

PATHETIC: Muslim Refugees in Germany Show their Appreciation [VIDEO]

Most of the over 60 million refugees in the world come from squalor.

It’s their fault, as they allowed for the vicious dictators and governments that have them on the run.

Merkel Muslim refugees in GermanySo these refugees run from Third World armpits to civilized countries, and they bring their nasty habits with them. Instead of embracing the cultures that have citizens living in relative peace and tranquility, these interlopers come with demands.

Sadly, Leftists encourage their “customs”. They allow the mongrel hordes to be anything but the culture of the adopted country.

We recently wrote of Democrats giving refugees voter registration cards:

Recently Nebraska Democrats started handing out welcome baskets to refugees. However, the baskets had more than the American taxpayers bargained for: voter registration forms.

And here I thought you needed to be a citizen to vote.

If the obvious disregard for American taxpaying citizens wasn’t enough, Leftists later bragged about their voter registration scheme at their Spring meeting.

Check out how refugees in German feel about their new adopted homes.

This type of behavior manifests all over the world. Instead of being grateful for their new homes, these occupiers treat their hosts like slaves.

In another incident in Germany, we wrote this:

But those are the refugees of the past. New and improved refugees now demand food, housing, even government assistance. Believe it or not, refugees now demand better cell phone reception.

Eight men, two from Togo and six from Ghana, started a riot at their new home in Rees-Haldern. The men used iron bars to smash the building into rubble, because they were unhappy with the accommodations. Perhaps next time Germany will put them up at the Waldorf Astoria?

One of their biggest complaints was they couldn’t get good cell phone coverage. Apparently they needed to keep in touch with the boys back home; perhaps make sure the arms shipment arrived?

Then, the men went crazy smashing furniture and breaking walls. At least one police officer was injured, as his foot suffered a complex break. However, the officer isn’t clear exactly how it happened.

We no longer need to ask, “When is enough enough?” We are well past enough.

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