The death of Aaron Hernandez created a lot of speculation.

A man I met in NYC at a bar speculated that the police killed Hernandez. I asked, “Why?” The man replied, “For the money.” He said it as if I was stupid to ask.

Leftists all over the country jumped to the conclusion that Hernandez’s death was not a suicide. Multiple news outlets implied that the “mob” of some sort got to the police to kill Hernandez.

But as it turns out, Hernandez planned to kill himself and he did it.

Three handwritten notes were discovered in the cell were Aaron Hernandez hanged himself, leading investigators to officially declare his death a suicide.

The notes were discovered next to a Bible opened to John 3:16, the same verse that Hernandez had written across his forehead in marker.

That verse reads: ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

This comes as has learned exclusively that Hernandez was planning his suicide for weeks.

The former football star even gave away most of his personal belongings to fellow inmates and covered the floor of his cell in soap, according to a well-paced source. If he lost his nerve he wouldn’t be able to save himself as he would slip around and not be able to land firmly on his feet.

Sadly, the police were implicated again, when they did nothing.

When I heard that Hernandez was acquitted of the murders, I asked why he would commit suicide.

Then I learned that he was in prison not for those crimes, but for killing one of his good friends. Hernandez went from having a $40 million contract, to being locked in a 6×6 cell for the rest of his life.

That’s reason enough to commit suicide for a young man likely contemplating his life.

I heard his attorney say that Aaron gave no indication of suicidal behavior, then we get this update. It seems ambulance chasing remains a pastime for some attorneys.


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