EMBARRASSING FAIL: North Korea Missile Launch Fails Immediately

EMBARRASSING FAIL: North Korea Missile Launch Fails Immediately

We learned that North Korea’s missile launch fail.

What else is new. Kim Jong-un will likely end up blowing himself up as he plays Tommy Toughass.

Honestly, now would be a good time to “bomb the sh*t out of him,” to paraphrase then-candidate Donald Trump. Force Jong-un to launch more of his own missiles at himself. Then, send a video of Americans watching and laughing at the reality show that has become North Koreans.

End the video with Trump saying: Kim Jong-un…YOU’RE FIRED!

What could be more embarrassing than the constant missile launch failures? However, Yonhap News reported that North Korea’s attempted missile launch on Sunday ended in failure.

How many times does this need to happen before Kim Jong-un decides to give peace a chance? Can somebody go sing that song to him?

All we are sayyyyying…is give peace a chance.

According to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, North Korea attempted to launch an unidentified missile from the port city of Sinpo on its east coast in the morning, and the launch is presumed to have failed.

The Wall Street Journal reported that according to the U.S. Pacific Command said the apparent missile “blew up almost immediately.”

One would think that President Trump would just begin a propaganda campaign mocking Kim Jong-un. I can see the tweets now.

President Donald J. Trump “Kim Jong-un has no stamina. That’s if he can even get it up!”

President Donald Trump spent Easter weekend at Mar-a-Lago, but was obviously brief on the results of the launch.

Defense Secretary James Mattis issued a short statement:

“The president and his military team are aware of North Korea’s most recent unsuccessful missile launch. The president has no further comment.”

And if President Trump being at a resort wasn’t cocky enough, he sent Vice President Mike Pence to Seoul for 10 days. Considering South Korea is always threatened by the rogue dictator Kim Jong-un, sending Pence into harm’s way constitutes the biggest diplomatic insult of all, in my opinion.





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