Remember When Obama DOCUMENTED His Incompetence on Syria [VIDEO]

Remember When Obama DOCUMENTED His Incompetence on Syria [VIDEO]

Eighty-six Syrians, including 28 children cry out from their graves: “Obama’s empty diplomacy failed us.”

On August 21, 2012, former President Obama drew a “red line,” warning Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad not to use chemical weapons.

Obama documented his incompetenceWithin a year of that declaration, Assad used his chemical weapons to murder nearly 1,500 civilians including more than 400 children.

Obama’s promised military strike turned into a massive leadership fail on August 31, 2013, when he stood down, and deferred leadership first to Congress, and later to Russia.

Recall that Moscow brokered a deal whereby Syria allegedly relinquished its chemical weapons stockpile to Russia. Yet, Obama declared victory:

“I appreciate all our international partners in working very hard over the past several days to making sure that we could arrive at a resolution that that not only deters and prevents additional chemical [weapons] use, but actually goes beyond what could have been accomplished through any military action. And that is the removal of chemical weapons – one of the largest stockpiles in the world from Syria, so they can actually be destroyed.”

Proud liberals boasted of diplomacy over military might.

Then on April 4, 2017, Assad used chemical weapons attack his own people. 

So much for Obama’s empty words about the agreement:

Obama called the 2014 Syria deal “legally binding,” “verifiable and enforceable,” and one that mandated “consequences for Syria’s failure to meet what has been set forth in this resolution.”

At the time, then-Secretary of State John Kerry claimed:

Russia “got 100 percent of the declared weapons out of Syria.”

Notice the carefully crafted, cover-your-ass lawyer’s lingo, i.e. the “declared” weapons.

Obama promised the removal and demolition of Assad’s entire arsenal, 100 percent…PERIOD.

Then former national security advisor Susan Rice alleged:

Obama and his team got “the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.”

We all know the moral of this story: never let a boy do a man’s job.

Obama’s Director of National Intelligence warned Obama. In 2016, Clapper told Congress that he still believed Syria still had chemical weapons:

“We assess that Syria has not declared all the elements of its chemical weapons program to the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

Obama’s “consequences” against Syria involved economic sanctions, introduced quietly, just before he left office. Buried in the language the report admitted:

“As of 2016, Abbas has continued operating at locations in Syria associated with chemical warfare-related missions.”

In other words, the Obama administration clearly knew Syria maintained chemical weapons stockpiles at multiple locations.

Obama’s deal to remove chemical weapons was an unenforceable leadership failure that Syria and her Russian ally never intended to comply with.

Remember what Obama said of Iran:

The outcome surprises no one, including the brain-dead Obama zombies.

Recall that the former president spewed similar empty promises regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal.

“This is a good day. Because once again we’re seeing what’s possible with strong, America diplomacy. Under the nuclear deal that we, our allies, and partners reached with Iran last year. Iran will not get its hands on a nuclear bomb. The region, the United States, and the world will be more secure.”

Sadly, Obama ended up negotiating about nuclear weapons with a country he described as “tiny.” He didn’t even consider Iran a threat when he took office.

“Strong countries and strong presidents talk to their adversaries.”

Liberal, globalist diplomats should stay in their U.N. bubble of self-adulation. No one in the real world finds the false promises they broker with terrorist regimes to be in any way credible.



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