FLAKKA: The Drug Every American Should Know About

FLAKKA: The Drug Every American Should Know About

If the Obama Era brought anything to America, in a word it ushered in “insanity.”

The man practically bragged about his own cocaine use, as pop-culture leftists found America’s coke president “righteous.”

So, Obama’s Fed turned a blind eye to marijuana usage and even some harder drugs. Hey, if it feels good, do it.

Obama believes drugs aren’t a criminal problem. In fact, he called them a “public health crisis.”  Handle your scandal, and the Fed will stay out of your way.

Under Obama, drug use has skyrocketed. Further, the invention of new drugs (who could blame people for trying) occurred as well.

Flakka: The Designer Drug

On the streets, they call it “$5 insanity.”

Doctors and scientists refer to it as Alpha-PVP. This synthetic drug creates a stimulating rush that can shut down the brain. And believe it or not, Flakka can be ordered online and shipped right to your doorstep.

The erratic behavior of the girl in the video is customary among Flakka users. However, Flakka caused deaths in Florida and up the coast to New York City.

As with most designer drugs, Flakka has found its way to nightclubs. And now it targets students, parents, and the rest of the population of Obama zombies looking for an escape from reality.

Is it really Obama’s fault?

According to German Lopez:

Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs. Ronald Reagan escalated the war with “tough on crime” mandatory minimum sentences. George H.W. Bush gave his first televised national address on drugs, telling the country that drugs are “the greatest domestic threat facing our nation today” while holding up a bag of seized cocaine. Bill Clinton signed laws that pushed for tougher prison sentences and stripped prison inmates of much of their legal defense rights.

Early in 2016, President Barack Obama began pardoning and otherwise shortening the prison sentences of hundreds of federal inmates. In November, Obama said he would like to treat marijuana “as a public-health issue, the same way we do with cigarettes or alcohol.” [Then], Obama signed a bill [to] spend $1 billion over two years to combat the growing opioid painkiller and heroin epidemic — all through public health, not criminal justice, programs.

Obama never addressed the issues that cause people to escape to the false reality of drugs. Strong families, a belief in a higher power, and dedication to oneself are great starts. Instead, Obama focused on things like LGBT rights and the promotion of Islam.

As with Obama’s election, people were looking for a cheap high. They got it.

And the outcome endangers America. Thankfully, the country exits the era of Insanity. The era of the cheap high.

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