IDIOT: Olympic Gold Medalist Praises North Korea on Conquering Obesity

IDIOT: Olympic Gold Medalist Praises North Korea on Conquering Obesity

When a country starves its people, leftists find a nice euphemism: conquering obesity.

Former Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell praised communist dictatorships for controlling behavioral changes. According to Cracknell, starving people is the perfect way to conquer obesity.

The former Olympic gold medalist is running for Parliament in Britain. He tried before and failed. Considering his remarks regarding the malnourished dictatorship, the loss surprises no one.

In an interview with Sky News, Cracknell said:

“If you think of the two countries of the world that have got a handle on obesity, what do you think they are? Which two countries? North Korea and Cuba. See, they are quite controlling on behavioral change.”

When the stunned interviewer pointed out that North Koreans weren’t physically fit, but rather starving to death, Cracknell doubled down—blaming foreign affairs for food shortages, but still praising their commitment to keeping slim. “Exactly. But there were sanctions and everything else. But the example is behavourial change.”

The craziness isn’t confined to Cracknell

Oddly this isn’t even the first time some idiot has praised a dictator for starving people.

The Washington Post published an article in December 2016 that praised Castro for malnourished citizens. Next, the Post actually wrote the collapse of the Soviet Union created a public health phenomenon. Apparently, after food shortages hit, citizens dropped an average of 10 pounds.

For those who trust socialism, understand the diet plan these governments have in store for you.

In fact, if we starve long enough we can even shrink future generations!

According to Remington Strelivo:

North Korea and Cuba, two of the last remaining communist dictatorships in the world, have seen rampant food shortages for decades. North Koreans, on average, are about three inches shorter than their genetically-identical neighbors in capitalist South Korea—because the population has seen such widespread malnutrition over such a long period of time.

#KevinJacksonCastro didn’t miss any meals. And Kim Jong-un is a two-axle North Korean, if I’ve ever seen one. That kid is fat.

Both these dictators apparently adopted a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude towards nutrition.

But whether it’s vicious dictators or Michelle Obama, one thing you can count on is for leftists to regulate how you live your life, including diet.



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