American tax dollars are hard at work teaching jihad.

In case you’re wondering why America suddenly has so many Muslim-convert radicals, look no further.

The same network that teaches kids their ABCs on Sesame Street, now also teaches that Muslim suicide bombers are noble.

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) offers educational programming to the public at no cost. But if you pay taxes, then you help to fund it.

Among the current PPBS, muslim suicide bombersBS lesson plans offered is a video called “Dying to be a Martyr.” which states in part:

Here’s an excerpt from the website:

“The video contains interviews with young Palestinians who participated – or intended to participate – in suicide bombings. These young Palestinians share the personal, religious, political and emotional reasons behind their participation in these suicide operations.

In “Part 3,” an 18-year-old Muslim terrorist named Mohanned Abu Tayyoun tried to be a suicide bomber in Israel, but couldn’t go through with it.

From an Israeli prison, Mohanned explained his motivation for jihad:

“It was my decision. Martyrdom leads us to God. I don’t want this life. When you become a martyr, your prize for carrying out the operation is going to heaven. … We Palestinians prefer to die, just kill ourselves, rather than live this worthless life. Our lives are worthless. We are hollow bodies living a pointless life.”

“Israelis enjoy their life,” Mohanned continued. “They go out at night. They have cafes and nightclubs. They travel all over the world. They go to America and Britain. We can’t even leave Palestine.”

PBS then instructs teachers to:

“Check for understanding by asking students to respond to the focus question: Why does Mohanned feel that way? (Answers may include: Palestinians have less land, fewer privileges, cannot come and go as they please.)”

Notice the wording.

PBS’ entire lesson is slanted against Israel and the idea that Jews should have their own State.

“In this video segment from Wide Angle, two young Palestinians explain their belief in the liberation of their homeland.”

PBS requires students to understand Muslim suicide bombers who attack Israel. Noteworthy, there is no presentation of Israel’s perspective. With only the glorification of suicide bombers to go on, students are lead to draw one conclusion: Muslim suicide bombers are good and Israel oppresses Muslims.

In “Part 4,” 25-year-old Majdi Amer, an Islamic terrorist, justifies his part in the 2003 Haifa bus bombing that killed 17 and injured 50.

“If the Israelis kill a child in Gaza, I’m ready to kill one in Tel Aviv. If they destroy houses in Gaza, I’ll do it in Tel Aviv. If they give me security in my land, then there’s no problem.”

The accusations of Muslim suicide bombers are presented completely outside the context of the Middle East Conflict. BDS – the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest, Sanction group – may as well have written it.

Where capitalism meets the leftist government narrative.

First created by a 1967 congressional act, Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is funded by the U.S. federal government. However, now that the lines have been blurred between big corporations and the Fed, we have major corporations who help fund these projects.

In this case, in association with the CPB, JP Morgan Chase helped fund this project. And you can bet there are many more like it.

So look at the big picture. Barack Obama brings in massive numbers of Muslims in the form of refugees. Then the Fed spends eight years explaining to Americans why we need to sympathize with their plight.

How many lectures did Obama give American citizens after each act of jihad by Muslim terrorists? Do you recall him saying that these were not terrorists who came by plane, but American citizens?

Now you know how these terrorists were created.


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