BREAKING: Another Potentially BIG SHAKEUP at FOX News

BREAKING: Another Potentially BIG SHAKEUP at FOX News

A FOX News heavyweight, Bill O’Reilly finds himself under fire.

And you can bet the other networks provide no comfort to the now embattled Bill O’Reilly.

It seems the departure of Roger Ailes opened the door for many changes at FOX News, and for ghosts to come from out of the shadows.

According to the New York Daily News,

Fox News star Bill O’Reilly arrogantly assumed sex was on the menu after a hotel dinner with Dr. Wendy Walsh in 2013 — and he turned instantly hostile when it was not, she claimed at a press conference Monday.

The psychologist gave a detailed account of the alleged incident to reporters in Los Angeles after it surfaced in the New York Times over the weekend.

She said O’Reilly invited her to the dinner at the Hotel Bel-Air after she became a regular commentator on “The O’Reilly Factor” in early 2013.

As they ate, O’Reilly raved about the “great job” she was doing on his weekly segment “Are We Crazy?” and said he wanted to make her a paid contributor, she recalled.

“I was delighted,” she said of the dinner offer.After the meal ended, O’Reilly said, “Let’s get out of here,” and they both got up and walked out, she said.

To cut to the chase, the doctor said the two had very different ideas around Bill O’Reilly’s statement, “Let’s get out of here.”

She assumed the plan was to head to the bar area so they could continue their conversation. Outside the restaurant exit, the bar was to the left while the hotel’s bedrooms were to the right, she explained.

“A funny thing happened. The two of us walked past the hostess stand, and he walked to the right, and I walked to the left. And we got like 10 feet away from each other, walking away from each other. And then both of us turned around like, ‘Where’d he go? Where’d she go?'” she said.

“And so he caught up with me and said, ‘No, no, come back to my suite,'” she recalled.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that,” she told him, according to Walsh.

“He immediately got defensive…very hostile, very quickly. He told me flat out, ‘Forget any career advice I gave you.'”

I can attest that no individual can stop you from becoming a contributor at FOX News. In Walsh’s defense, to have O’Reilly put in a good word for you certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Regardless, if the accusations are true, we ask the age-old question: Why wait so long?

According to Walsh, she was “terrified” to step forward with her claims. Afraid of what? A highly educated woman old enough to understand the Women’s Movement, and yet she was “terrified.”

O’Reilly couldn’t impact her practice, her real job. Contributors are expected to have real jobs and use the contributorship as more supplemental income.

Walsh went on to say that she’s stepping forward for her two daughters.

Again, not one to throw stones, but would she have stepped forward if she had sons.

When do we grow up in the country and stop treating “life” as a special circumstance worthy of multi-million dollar lawsuits? I worked for two years for free for FOX News before I finally got “the call.” I interviewed with Ailes, and we discussed my career, and what he thought I brought to FOX New and political discourse in general.

I don’t dismiss the charges of Gretchen Carlson, a wonderful woman, or Megyn Kelly or others. Put in those circumstances, I happily would have rejected my offender, and faded into the woodwork as it were.

Who knows what will come of this. Post-Ailes saw the departure of Megyn Kelly from FOX News. Two major losses fairly close together.

From this vantage point, change is good. To quote the late great Greatest of all time, Ailes’ replacement “shook up the world!”

After FOX News lost Ailes, they brought on a new chief of programming, Suzanne Scott who swiftly replaced Kelly. Scott added Tucker Carlson’s show, creating a bona fide hit.

Anybody who watches FOX can easily see the jockeying happening, and you can bet the moves will help maintain the media networks’ superiority over the others.

Everything must change.



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