EMBARRASSING: President Trump PUNKS Washington Post

EMBARRASSING: President Trump PUNKS Washington Post

President Trump punks the media every day, and he’s not even trying.

These morons continue to underestimate him when they should be revering him.

And what’s most interesting is that Donald Trump is the most transparent president ever.

The man told all the world his intentions. And he added that outside of his direct campaign promises to his constituency, he would not give any “tells” as to his potential negotiation moves.

In a word…Syria!

And what came of the bombing of Syria? Chinese cooperations, and as I wrote earlier, a reshuffling of the deck putting America as the world’s ace yet again.

Despite the resounding success of President Trump’s domestic and foreign policy moves, the Washington Post tries to stir up trouble with President Trump’s base and the millions of new Trump fans. The fake new rag writes:

President Trump is abandoning a number of his key campaign promises on economic policy, adopting instead many of the centrist positions he railed against while campaigning as a populist.

Trump will not label China a “currency manipulator,” he told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, despite a campaign pledge that he would apply the label on his first day in office. He also said he was open to reappointing Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet L. Yellen after saying last year that the central banker should be “ashamed” of what she was doing to the country.

The Post is right in that President Trump said harsh things about China. However, they conveniently forget the results.

  • First, China indeed involved itself in the North Korea situation in a big way.
  • Next, China abstained from voting with Syria, which in diplomat-speak meant they sided with the United States.
  • And if you think that President Trump won’t reduce the trade deficit with China, think again. The Chinese prime minister said that was a foregone conclusion.

As for the label of “currency manipulator,” I refer you back to earlier bullet points.

Trump addressed this and all the other issues with China, and for the first time in decades, America came out on top of a negotiation, yet everybody remains happy.

The WaPo “bottom of the birdcage” article continues.

Going further, the author implies that President Trump abandoned principle with respect to the Ex-Im bank:

And he embraced the Export-Import Bank, a government agency that he mocked last year and that has long been despised by conservatives who labeled it crony capitalism.

The statements represent a move toward the economic policies of more centrist Republicans and even at times align with the approach of former president Barack Obama. Should he follow through on the newly articulated positions, it would suggest that the candidate who ran as the ultimate outsider is increasingly adopting a more moderate economic agenda.

The reversals come amid a period of rapid evolution for Trump on both foreign and domestic issues.

Rapid evolution? I’d say. Rapid WINNING!

So bring on Ex-Im bank. 

What do the idiots at WaPo think will happen here? Will Trump suddenly abandon principle to get rich?

I have no idea what President Trump has up his sleeve. But I do know this. Unlike Barack Obama, America can trust POTUS 45 to do what’s in the best interest of the country, all day, every day.


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