Move by Putin May Make Kim Jong-un Take President Trump Seriously

Move by Putin May Make Kim Jong-un Take President Trump Seriously

Russian troops are migrating to the North Korean border. And like the 150,000 Chinese troops lining the other side, the Russians are not there to help Kim Jong-un.

Neither of them wants to accept North Koreans invading their countries.

Vladimir Putin has stacked trains full of military supplies. They’ve been sent to barricade the 11-mile border. Russian analysts are calling the move “preventative but necessary.”

According to The Daily Mail:

There have been concerns that if a conflict breaks out Russia could face a humanitarian exodus from North Korea.

But Putin has been warned, too, that in the event of a US strike on Kim Jong-un’s nuclear facilities, contamination could swiftly reach Russia.

‘Therefore, Railway trains loaded with military equipment moving towards Primorsky region via Khabarovsk have been noticed by locals,’ reported in the Russian far East – linking the development to the North Korean crisis.

‘The movement of military equipment is being observed across Primorsky region over the past week,’ said military veteran Stanislva Sinitsyn.

‘The movement of military equipment means that authorities of our country are keeping up with the situation – and take appropriate measures. If the situation worsens, especially related to military events, the armed forces of all the neighbouring countries obviously monitor it more closely, and we are no exception.’

This move by the Russians is a big political sign.

Essentially, the Russians endorse whatever decision President Trump does in North Korea. That’s a huge step in geopolitical relations.

Only a few weeks ago the Russians voted against the U.S. at the UN proposed sanctions against Syria. In short order, the Russians have changed. Imagine the expense involved with this action to cover the border based on what an American president does.

Now the Russians have joined the Chinese to let Kim Jong-un know that he has no friends in the region.

Trump Warns Kim Jong-un: BEHAVE!

The fate of the situation lies in the hands of Kim Jong-un.

Thus, Trump took a moment to issue a warning during his Easter Egg Hunt at the White House. When asked to comment on North Korea, Trump said they’ve “got to behave.”

Vice President Mike Pence weighed in, and warned North Korea not to test Trump.

Pence said “all options are on the table.” He further warned, “the era of strategic patience is over!”





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