Despite Media Reports: Trump Kicking LEFTIST BUTTS

Despite Media Reports: Trump Kicking LEFTIST BUTTS

Whether we talk candidate-Trump or President Trump, the polls haven’t been kind.

And as November 8 proved, only a moron would believe the polls. Moron count: 60+ million Democrat morons and shrinking.

Trump TROUNCING the LeftPresident Trump was said to have the lowest transition polling in history. This despite his “rock star” moves during the transition period.

During the transition, President-elect Trump brought thousands of jobs back to the U.S. and created market confidence that broke stock market records.

In the few weeks leading up to his swearing-in ceremony, President Trump did more for American workers than Barack Obama did in 8 years or could have done in 8 lifetimes. Yet, the Left’s fake news polls lied through their ink.

After Trump became president, the polls were ever more unrelenting as our team reported previously.

As President Trump lived up to virtually every promise he made, Leftists tried to convince us that Trump had lost his base. 

“He didn’t fully repeal Obamacare like he said he would,” they shouted.

The Left grasps for a lifeline like a drowning man.

So, whether it was his hairstyle, suit choices, “polarizing” rhetoric, or just plain likability, according to Leftists’ fake news polls, Trump polled lower than Sandra Fluke’s morals.

Recently, however, the Democrats got the worst news they could possibly get.

The Rasmussen poll shows an uptick in Trump’s favorability, reaching 50% of Americans. 

Previously his favorability hit a high of 59% right after his inauguration. Personally, I never saw a poll anywhere close to this, but will take the author’s word. As the same report suggested, however, Trump’s approval rating “slid to a low of 42% as stumbling blocks hampered the administration’s agenda.”

They credit his ban on travel from terror-stricken countries as the main reason. Supposedly obstruction from the courts even after the order was re-written impacted the poll numbers.

Sure. It’s emboldened his based even more, so I’m not buying that.

Next, they way Trump’s now-validated claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Towers led to low numbers.

Whatever their claims, they are now saying (reluctantly) that 50% of Americans favor our president’s actions. The fake news pollsters finally admit that Trump is WINNING.

But not so fast say some Leftists.

Trump TROUNCING the LeftEver ready to de-legitimize Trump’s policies, Leftist reveal more fake news polls. From f a rigged NBC/WSJ poll we are told that Trump’s job approval lies at a “historic low.”

How reliable is this latest poll? Not very.

Of the 900 people polled, more than half were against Trump. The breakdown of people polled shows 44% leaning or strongly Democrat, 12% strictly independent, and 38% leaning or strong Republican.

Yet NBC’s lead story reported that Trump hit “historic lows” for a president in the first 100 days!

Soon America celebrates President Trump’s 100th day in office. What a glorious 100 days it has been, and things will only get better.

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