ARRESTED: Black Terrorist who posted “Refugees leave the country or else!”

ARRESTED: Black Terrorist who posted “Leave the country or else!”

If you’re going to blame “whitey” for a crime, make sure there is no VIDEO.

A black man spread hate against an Indian refugee from Bhutan last week. The reason we know he’s a race-baiting, America-hating Democrat is because he tried to attribute his crimes to White America.

The liberal thug in question set fire to an Indian grocery store, then threw a rock through its door. This happened in east Charlotte on Thursday night. The Charlotte-Mecklenbug police call it a hate crime.

Kamal Dhimal, Curtis FlournoyThis particular refugee, Kamal Dhimal, came to America legally from Bhutan in 2010. Dhimal became a U.S. citizen in 2014 and started his business the same year. By all appearances, he seems to be living the American Dream. Reacting to the hatred, Dhimal said he’s shaken, but he’s not going anywhere:

“Too many people have helped me. I’ve got to be strong to continue doing business in this country. It’s painful because they attacked us. So I don’t know how we can go. They are backward. They are afraid.”

The leftist thug also warned refugees in a note to get the hell out of America, or be tortured. Police need help in identifying the man. Their best lead is the note’s signature – “White America.”

This thug is probably a card-carrying member of Black Lives Matter or the Black Panthers. Those groups typically assign guilt to White America for, well, everything.

What a disappointment for the Left, that this brother got caught. Liberals worked so hard on the false narrative that white people hate refugees, but consistently fail to prove it.

Dhimal survived in refugee camps for over 20 years before arriving in America. He won’t be intimidated by Democrat brutes.

“We are building this country. We are giving of this country. And we are here to build this nation as a strong bulwark right now.”

Breaking – Criminal Thug Arrested!

WSOCTV reported tonight that police arrested Curtis Flournoy in connection with the hate crime. Flournoy is a repeat offender with a record stretching back to 2013. His two convictions are for child abuse, and drug-related crimes. Prosecutors charged Flournoy with burning a building of trade, malicious damage by use of an incendiary material, felony breaking and entering, ethnic intimidation, and anonymous or threatening letters.

Kamal Dhimal, Curtis Flournoy leave the countryWhen asked for reaction about the arrest, the storeowner, Dhimal indicated:

“I have nothing to say to him except, God bless him.”

Maybe it’s time to send criminal leftist thugs to refugee camps and trade up for hard-working people who actually love the country.

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