Russian Foreign Minister SLAMS MSNBC Leftist [VIDEO]

Russian Foreign Minister SLAMS MSNBC Leftist [VIDEO]

Even the evil Russians have more class than America’s media.

Needless to say the Russians are a hot media item in America. The Democrats created this scenario with their “fake news” narrative that Donald Trump and the Russians colluded to win the election for crooked Hillary Clinton.

As recent developments have proven, nothing could be further from the truth.

In defiance of the Russians, President Trump ordered the bombing of Assad, Putin’s supposed political BFF. And in typical Trump predictable unpredictability, he nuzzled up to the Chinese. The irony of Trump’s relationship with the Chinese is he said he would involve them with the North Koreans, as he did.

So, President Trump continues to confound the media with…successful negotiations, while simultaneously destroying their fake news narratives.

It’s no wonder the media jabs at him, as they can’t seem to make anything stick.

America now knows the deal, and so do the Russians.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov joined President Trump in chastising the media, specifically Andrea Mitchell during a Wednesday meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Shortly after Lavrov sat down at the open press meeting, Mitchell, NBC News’ chief foreign affairs correspondent, rudely attempted to ask Tillerson a question.

Here’s the video from a different angle.

It appears that Lavrov was directing the question at Mitchell, though he looked at Tillerson.

“Who was bringing you up?” Lavrov asked Tillerson.

“Who has given you your manners?” he added with a grin.

It’s interesting to see how marginalized the media has become under President Trump.

In February, before a big rally President Trump commented:

“They don’t get it,” Trump said through whistles and applause from attendees inside a crammed airport hangar.

A day earlier, he tweeted that the media was not his enemy, but the “enemy of the American People!”

The media doesn’t get it.

They haven’t dealt with a president like Trump since Reagan. And believe it or not, though lacking the sardonic elegance of Reagan, Trump is actually better at sending the media off the deep end.

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