Donald Trump proves daily how bad a president Barack Obama was.

In a stroke of genius, President Trump shuffled the cards in a complex global order. He placed the United States firmly back on top.

As North Korea’s Kim Jong un saber-rattles over their nuclear arsenal, Trump used the opportunity to reinforce his commitment to “America First”. Not only has he involved China in dealing with North Korea, but he also was able to get coal miners back to work.

As CNN reported,

US President Donald Trump says China has turned a fleet of coal-carrying cargo ships back to North Korea this week, describing it as a “big step” towards cracking down on the rogue state.

China banned all imports of coal from North Korea in mid-February, soon after Pyongyang tested a new intermediate-range missile.

Almost all coal shipments to the Chinese city of Dandong, on the North Korean border, since February have been turned back, a source with knowledge of North Korean government operations in Dandong told CNN.

The ban followed strict, new sanctions imposed in November by the United Nations on North Korean coal exports, which China helped to draft and pass

Coal accounted for a third of all official North Korean exports in 2015, making up a large part of their income. China is by far North Korea’s largest trading partner.

When you consider “the art of the deal,” it just doesn’t get much better than that.

When Leftist consider how to help the world, they neglect the starving people living under harsh dictatorships like North Korea.

What President Trump may ultimately accomplish is the closest to world peace we have known. And as I predicted, he will use the U.S. economy to negotiate it.

One can see the potential impact the Chinese cancellation of the coal order. This was the last thing a struggling North Korean economy needed.

North Korea reacted furiously to China’s February ban, saying they were “dancing to the tune of the US” and describing the cutting of imports as “inhumane.”

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Chinese Customs spokesman Huang Songping confirmed that China stopped all North Korean coal imports after February 18.

Huang said that from January 1 until that cut-off date, China had imported 2.67 million tons of coal from North Korea, 51.6% less than the same quarter in 2016.

Interesting that the North Korean would describe the ban as “inhumane,” given the actions of their imperial leader.

While Jong un didn’t use vicious dogs to kill his uncle, as was previously reported, his viciousness is well-documented: 

In late April, the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea uncovered “a ghastly sight” at a military firing range: analyzed satellite images showed six anti-aircraft gun systems being fired upon a small target at short range last October. The group assessing the bizarre scene decided it was an execution that had been watched by high-level officials who’d driven in from the capital of Pyongyang.

So Jong un should have a difficult time discussing the humanity of anyone’s actions.

President Trump gave his reaction to the actions of China:

Trump praised reports of China turning away North Korean coal during a joint news conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

“We have a very big problem in North Korea. And, as I said, I really think that China is going to try very hard, and has already started,” Trump said.

“A lot of the coal boats have already been turned back — you saw that yesterday and today — they’ve been turned back,” he said. “The vast amount of coal that comes out of North Korea going to China, they’ve turned back the boats. That’s a big step, and they have many other steps that I know about.”

When asked at a daily press briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang said turning back coal ships from North Korea was part of China “strictly carrying out our international obligations.”

For President Trump, these types of negotiations are “business as usual”. Moreover, they showcase how little ingenuity the Left’s golden boy, Barack Obama had in making America better and the world safer.

Kim Jong un learned that he must grow up or suffer massive humiliation and ultimately, defeat.


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