War Hero Says Obama Used Susan Rice to do His Dirty Work

War Hero Says Obama Used Susan Rice to do His Dirty Work

How many things could Susan have been called? Rice-I-roni…get it? Rice Irony?

Rice Crispy. When it was discovered that Rice unmasked the Trump team, her goose was cooked! Thus, Fried Rice applied as well, though that might imply that she was Asian. 

If we go ethnic, then Brown Rice certainly would be appropriate. Nevertheless, Rice was given a nickname, actually more a title from Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer on “Fox & Friends” on over the weekend.

Although the official title for Susan Rice was National Security Adviser when she served under Obama, Meyer labeled Rice the “liar in chief.”

Meyer’s scathing remarks came after America learned that despite Rice’s claim to the contrary, the Obama administration knew that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad still possessed chemical weapons.

As recent as January Rice claimed that President Barack Obama’s Syria deal was “able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.”

The claim proves now to be almost certainly false. Meyer said of Rice.

“You have to look, she was the last administration’s appointed liar in chief…She came out, she lied about Benghazi, And a year ago, she said on MSNBC that all the chemical weapons were removed from Syria.”

When it comes to the lies during the Obama administration, one must question everything they said. As Meyer questioned,

“Did she know then, just like she knew she lied about Benghazi, that they weren’t removed? I mean, it’s insane.”

Considering that Obama declared Syria “chemical-weapon-free,” what are we to think of the Iran nuclear deal?

And what about deals not necessarily dealing with national security but just as important. Like TPP.

Like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Even Hillary Clinton disagreed with Obama on this one. 

We all know what President Trump thinks of it.

We chronicled recently that China now realizes that they can no longer take advantage of America in Trade. Because now America has a real president.

In short, there is NO deal that Obama negotiated on behalf of America that has benefited this country or its citizens. And Rice-I-Roni stood ready to lie on behalf of Obama at a moment’s notice.

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