PRESIDENT TRUMP TO NATO: Get in the Game or Else [VIDEO]

PRESIDENT TRUMP TO NATO: Get in the Game or Else [VIDEO]

Throughout the campaign, Trump called NATO obsolete. Leftists took Trump’s tough talk as gospel and declared that he had kicked NATO to the curb.

What Trump did was give NATO a wake-up call. NATO popped out of bed, ready to go to work.

Now, President Trump acknowledges the potential of NATO. The outcome showcases Trump’s skilled leadership.

Part of Trump’s criticism of NATO came from most of the member nations not paying their fair share of defense costs. This places an unfair burden on the United States. And that violates President Trump’s “America First” policy.

According to The Hill:

At a joint press conference with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Trump said that he will continue to work closely with NATO allies, particularly when it comes to fighting terrorism.

“The secretary-general and I had a productive discussion on what more NATO can do in the fight against terrorism,” Trump said at Wednesday’s press conference. “I complained about that a long time ago and they made a change and now they do fight terrorism.”

“I said it was obsolete,” he continued. “It is not longer obsolete.”

While Leftists criticized Trump’s NATO stance, Stoltenberg credits Trump with bringing NATO countries into compliance.

As Brian Bennett reports:

A few countries have recently agreed to move toward meeting the goal set in 2014 of spending 2% of gross domestic product on their militaries.

“The very strong message from President Trump has been very helpful” in getting member states to boost military spending, Stoltenberg said.

The road to success.

President Trump to NATODid Obama get NATO to pull its weight? The Nobel Peace Prize president didn’t care if America got paid or not. Needless to say, President Trump’s tactics have had remarkably different results.

In the aftermath of the bombing of Syria, Spoehr had this to say of President Trump’s handling of things:

Spoehr said that NATO may not have a direct role in Syria. But, he said, member nations, as well as U.S. like-minded countries in the Middle East, would likely join the United States against the Assad regime.

Trump seems to have “evolved as a leader” on international affairs, Spoehr said, stepping away from a dismissive attitude toward NATO. That could be a result of listening to his Cabinet members, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Defense Secretary James Mattis.

“We don’t hear him talking about NATO as obsolete and freeloaders,” Spoehr said. “We have heard administrations talking for years about NATO members [paying their fair share]. None have been as forceful and Trump. It does seem we are seeing a change in trends.”

A change in trends is right.

However, look at the Leftist spin.

CNN stated that the breakdown of Trump’s relationship with Moscow is the reason he strengthened his position with NATO.

Consider that only a couple of week’s ago the Left accused Trump and Putin of being best buds. Needless to say, the Left underestimates the president.

No sense recapping Obama’s negligence of NATO as the leader of the free world. Thankfully, that ship has sailed and nobody cares where.

The fact is, NATO operates on outdated principles with antiquated policies. However, as President Trump has done with immigration, refugees and about everything else in America, he forces NATO to analyze itself.

President Trump won’t allow anything that has to do with the protection of American citizens to go unchecked. So NATO now performs to a real mission, an actual mission.



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