Trump Transfers Authority to DESTROY ISIS to Secretary of Defense ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis [VIDEO]

Trump Transfers Authority to DESTROY ISIS to Secretary of Defense ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis [VIDEO]

Remember when the Left claimed then-candidate Trump thought he knew more than the generals?

What America witnessed was typical Leftist misinterpretation of what Donald Trump meant.

Needless to say, President Trump knows now what he knew then. The problem was not with our generals, it was in what they were allowed to do.

America has the best military in the world. And that military is led by the best trained and most feared warriors on the planet. Their only problem was their lack of leadership from their Commander in Chief. Thankfully, those days are over.

President Trump returned authority to the Secretary of Defense to determine troop levels in the fight against ISIS. Now James Mattis has the power to protect America.

As the Daily Caller reports:

Trump gives Mattis the Power #KevinJackson“It’s about capabilities not numbers,” CENTCOM spokesman Army Col. John Thomas told reporters. “Restoring FML decisions to the Secretary of Defense enables military commanders to be more agile, adaptive and efficient in supporting our partners, and enables decisions that benefit unit readiness, cohesion and lethality,” Pentagon spokesman Dana White told BuzzFeedNews Wednesday. White also told the Associated Press Mattis has not yet changed the number of troops in the region.

The decision marks a major departure from the Obama administration, which capped troop levels in several U.S. military areas of operations and frequently highlighted troop numbers as part of its drawdown strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Furthermore, Critics of the Obama administration said focus on troop levels arbitrarily constrained commanders trying to achieve larger strategic goals.

Approximately 5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq aid in the movement to take down ISIS.

Additionally, in Syria, local forces receive help from hundreds of special operators. Finally, about 400 U.S. Marines support the forces with artillery.

Obama called that good enough. Trump calls it a drop in the bucket. Thus, his administration will lean on the Pentagon to make tactical moves while the White House focuses on the broader strategic issues.

The increasingly lax oversight is already being felt in the ground war against Islamic terrorists. “There is a sense among these commanders that they are able to do a bit more — and so they are,” a senior U.S military official told The Wall Street Journal in mid-April.

Trump already sent fair warning to ISIS.

As the entire world knows, earlier this month President Trump dropped the MOAB on ISIS strongholds. If 36 dead bad guys weren’t enough to get his message across, stronger memos to follow.

ISIS will find itself facing a new enemy, and that enemy will have true military leadership at the helm. ISIS will again feel the wrath of the United States military, and the world will be a safer place again.


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