IRONY: How Donald Trump’s Victory SAVED Hillary Clinton

IRONY: How Donald Trump’s Victory SAVED Hillary Clinton

Apparently, Donald Trump’s election was not only good for America but great for the Women’s Movement. According to some, Clinton can now speak her mind!

Hillary Clinton can now speak her mindThe twice-failed presidential candidate sounds more like a woman leaving a bad relationship than a champion of women’s causes.

Columnist Nick Kristof wrote recently that Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election actually freed her to finally “speak her mind.”

“I’ve known Clinton a bit for many years, and when she was running for office she was always monumentally careful in her language – a natural impulse when critics are circling, but it also diminished her authenticity as a politician. Her prudence came across to voters as “calculating.” Now she’s out of her shell, freed by defeat, and far more willing to speak bluntly.”

It makes you wonder whose mind she’s been channeling all this time. And why.

Clinton certainly sounded off on many issues.

Her problem in winning the election didn’t appear to be that she wasn’t vocal enough. Clinton seemed to have issue with the truth.

For example, voters knew exactly where she stood on Benghazi. She left four men to die, and then exclaimed, “What difference does it make?!”

Then, there was Clinton’s admitted “mistake” of having an illegal network server hidden in a closet of her dungeon bathroom.

Perhaps we now know why Clinton didn’t hold a news conference for nearly two-thirds of a year during the campaign. She was afraid of what might happen…to women!

Clinton Mirandized herself.

Hillary Clinton was coronated early on by the Democrats. Why speak, when you could talk later from the throne?

Could Hillary Clinton have thought she was running for president of Saudi Arabia? Over there, women can’t speak, despite all the gains for women that Clinton and her feminist ilk claim.

Regardless, we now know that Donald Trump freed Hillary Clinton from the shackles of…whatever.

The premise that Hillary Clinton is now “free to speak her mind” tickled Conservatives, who responded on Twitter. They had a field day over this trending phrase.

This tweet recognized the obvious:


Hillary Clinton has ALWAYS been free to speak her mind. THIS is why Trump won.#MAGA

This tweep responded like a “Deplorable”.


Hillary Clinton lost because she doesn’t actually like anyone in this country who doesn’t think and act like her, and she told them so.

One post mentioned what many people wanted: jail for Her Lowness.


Hillary Clinton is Free to Speak Her Mind and continue making excuses. I just think she should be doing it from a jail cell.#LockHerUp

Next, a shot at Hillary Clinton’s “womanhood.”


You didn’t lose because you were a woman. You lost because you were the wrong woman.

Finally, the ugly TRUTH!


Hillary Clinton really doesn’t understand she lost because she’s disgusting. She represents all that is soulless and wrong in society.

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