LEFTISTS CRUSHED: Trump Considered ‘Most Trusted’

LEFTISTS CRUSHED: Trump Considered ‘Most Trusted’

Americans finally had a chance to set the record straight.

Trump wins "most trusted" #KevinJacksonThe Left loves to do polls. And, they love to tout numbers when they’re winning. In fact, they usually exaggerate margins just to inflate their sense of accomplishment. Therefore, when the polls turn against the left, they need to start spinning the lies.

As we all know by now, the pollsters began bashing Trump, after they had established him as the Republican candidate. When they thought Trump was a chump, they tipped the polls in his favor. Once he won the Republican primary, things changed dramatically.The leftist media started Trump bashing pre-election. The announcement of Trump’s win only made things worse.

Since then Trump has gone head to head with the pollsters and their Fake News outlets. America learned the truth about the media industrial complex, and it wasn’t pretty.

We learned that not only does the media lie, it gets its talking points from the Democrats and other Leftists. And when caught, they honestly don’t know what to do.

Recall the time Don Lemon stormed off the set at the end a broadcast? And what about Rachel Maddow’s tax return debacle that even the Left lampooned. And there were many others. Is it any wonder that people have quit relying on the formerly revered journalists and organizations for their news?

As Morning Consult reports:

Trump considered 'most trusted' #TeamKJ #KevinJacksonAs political journalists prepare to gather at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday to celebrate their work, a new Morning Consult poll is likely to make many of them cringe.

In the new poll, roughly half (51 percent) of Americans said the national political media “is out of touch with everyday Americans.” Only 28 percent said [the media] “understands the issues everyday Americans are facing.”

President Donald Trump, a frequent public antagonist of the press and the first president in 36 years to skip the confab, is also slightly more trusted than the national political media. Thirty-seven percent of Americans said they trusted Trump’s White House to tell the truth. Just 29 percent opted for the media.

Keep in mind that polling has rarely favored Donald Trump, so his number is to be expected.

But to beat the media by 8 percent so early in his presidency doesn’t bode well for the Left.

And with Independents, the news gets better for the president and worse for the media.

More than half say they didn’t trust national news outlets to cover the White House fairly. They trusted Trump more. Roughly half (49 percent) also said the media was out of touch and 43 percent said outlets had been harder on Trump than other presidents.

Trump’s critiques of the media, which he commonly derides as “fake news” also seems to have struck a chord with Americans. A plurality (42 percent) said they see fake news in national newspapers or network news broadcasts more than once or about once a day. About 3 in 10 (31 percent) said they saw fake news from those sources once every few days, once a week or slightly less often than that.

Given that low level of trust with the media, Americans said they thought Trump was more likely to be honest with them than the people who are covering him on a daily basis. Roughly half (51 percent) of Americans said they trust Trump to be honest with the people of the country. And 42 percent trust him to be honest with the national political media.

Again, President Trump has met a critical threshold. He passed the 51 percent mark of trust.

Why wouldn’t he? The man has practically checked off all of his campaign promises, with laser precision. Perhaps this is why even Millennials trust Trump over the mainstream media.

According to Red Alert:

Trump considered 'most trusted' #KevinJackson #TeamKJOver 45 percent of 18-29-year-olds said that the mainstream media was out of touch with the American people. Every age group agreed with that question with millennials being the most unsure, probably because they don’t watch television as much as other generations.

Furthermore, showing the mainstream media’s declining trust among Americans, 30 percent of millennials believe that the Trump White House is serving them the truth more often than the national political news, which only 26 percent believed in. A plurality of young Americans (44 percent) didn’t know who to believe.

The mainstream media reported that Trump allegedly removed the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the White House. They also reported the President was announcing his Supreme Court pick in the same fashion of a reality show competition. Maybe more millennials would trust the mainstream media if they didn’t waste time on publishing fake news stories.

The most interesting thing about these numbers is that Trump beats the media with Millennials 30 to 26. However, 44 percent are waiting to find out who to believe. Consider the size of that voting bloc, waiting to pick a side.

In 2018 Millennials will likely do what Millennials do, and sit out the mid-terms. But by 2020, these youngsters will have gainful employment, and a lot of time to have come to the right conclusion about who to believe. And it won’t be the media.

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