President Trump’s Fed Demands Twitter Expose Anti-Trump Threats

President Trump’s Fed Demands Twitter Expose Anti-Trump Threats

Did Leftists just change the rules again? Of course.

Twitter took to the courts in an effort to conceal the identity of users opposed to President Trump. Then, the Leftist social media giant sued the Department of Homeland Security.

Unlike Susan Rice, Twitter doesn’t plan to unmask anyone. Instead, they defend the secrecy of anti-Trump account-holders noting the First Amendment.

Twitter claims users have the right to propagate “anonymous and pseudonymous political speech”.

According to ABC News:

The account in question is @ALT—uscis, a reference to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office. The account described its users to the Associated Press in February as employees and former employees of the agency.

In a Thursday interview, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer now representing the account declined to discuss anything about the person or people currently involved in the account being targeted by the Trump administration. Documents supporting the Twitter accountholder’s right to speak anonymously online will be filed in the next few days, said Esha Bhandari, a staff attorney for the ACLU.

“We think it’s very important for the user’s interests to be represented as well,” Bhandari said. “The First Amendment requires the government to have a very compelling reason for unmasking someone’s identity. That is important or people would be chilled from speaking out, particularly when they are speaking out against the government.”

Twitter declined to comment beyond the lawsuit. Surprised?

In fairness, DHS likewise declined to comment. But when they do, Twitter will be left holding their “Johnsons” in public at the elementary school.

There are a couple of ways to look at this development. First, would Twitter go to bat for pro-Trump tweeps? Negro, PLEASE!If that account was Anti-Obama with threats of a shadow government to undermine him it would be deemed a threat to National Security. The entire Left Wing would line up to tar and feather the Tweeter in question. Who dared to think of sabotaging Obama?

Moreover, would Twitter allow anti-Obama threats of a shadow government to operate with immunity on their social media platform? Undoubtedly, they would deem such an account as a threat to national security.

However, if people want to join forces to sabotage Trump, Twitter see that as a First Amendment issue.



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