Fed Spends 90% of its Cyber Budget Attacking People and 10% on Defense

Fed Spends 90% of its Cyber Budget Attacking People and 10% on Defense

The cyber threat from rogue nations undoubtedly represents one of the biggest threats America faces today.

A movie was made about Stuxnet, and it proves just how bad cyber sabotage now is.

As Wired wrote,

Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon, written by WIRED senior staff writer Kim Zetter, tells the story behind Stuxnet’s planning, execution and discovery. In this excerpt from the book, which will be released November 11, Stuxnet has already been at work silently sabotaging centrifuges at the Natanz plant for about a year.


At the time of the attacks, each cascade at Natanz held 164 centrifuges. Uranium gas flows through the pipes into the centrifuges in a series of stages, becoming further “enriched” at each stage of the cascade as isotopes needed for a nuclear reaction are separated from other isotopes and become concentrated in the gas.

The Cyber Warfare Budget

Obama increased the cyber warfare budget in 2016 as reported by the Washinton Times:

The Obama administration aims to ramp up the federal government’s cybersecurity arsenal, requesting nearly $14 billion in its 2016 budget proposal — about $1 billion more than in previous budgets — to combat what many have come to view as an increasingly significant weakness in American security and infrastructure.

The increased funding comes after a series of high-profile attacks, which has drawn national attention to the issue, including a massive breach at Sony Pictures which the government said was carried out by North Korea.

U.S. Govt Spends 90% of its Cyber Budget Attacking People, Only 10% on DefenseHe then increased the budget by an additional $3 billion in the 2017 budget.

Those are huge budget increases, even by Obama’s Leftists standards,

So one would think America has dramatically protected its cyber profile. But not so fast.

According to WikiLeaks, the U.S. government spends 90% of its cyber budget attacking people. That leaves only 10 percent for actual cyber defense.

The clandestine group recently uncloaked the third round of the ‘Vault 7’ series. This one is called ‘Marble’.

Cyber warfare looms big in the future. However, we can already see how bad things are internally. So, one can only imagine the mess President Trump and his administration inherited.

Let’s hope the Trump administration takes a more serious approach than his predecessor.



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