UNBELIEVABLE: Susan Rice Changes Story AGAIN!

UNBELIEVABLE: Susan Rice Changes Story AGAIN!

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice represents the Left perfectly.

She lies and she’s as bad at that as she was at doing her job.

Holy Mother of Quaddafi, will this woman get her story straight?

Rice initially denounced the so-called “false statements” issued by President Trump. Trump had tweeted that former President Obama “wiretapped” him last year.

However, now Rice offers different versions of what she knew about surveillance activities. And when interviewed by PBS on March 22, Rice commented, “I know nothing about this.”

Rice’s declaration came shortly after House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif. said Trump and his associates may have been caught up in surveillance of foreign targets.

Subsequently, we learned that Rice indeed was the person who unmasked the identities of Trump and people in the Trump administration. And, who knows who else.

Rice knows what she did was illegal. However, she skirts the law that was loosened in 2011 under Obama.

Rice now says,

“Let’s back up and recall where we had been: The president of the United States accused his predecessor, President Obama, of wiretapping Trump Tower during the campaign. Nothing of the sort occurred. We have heard that confirmed by the director of the FBI who also pointed out that no president, no White House can order the surveillance of another American citizen. That can only come from the Justice Department with the approval of a FISA court,” she said at the time.

“So today, I really don’t know to what Chairman Nunes was referring. He said whatever he was referring to was a legal, lawful surveillance and that it was potentially incidental collection on American citizens. I think it’s important for people to understand what incidental means. That means the target was either a foreign entity or someone under criminal investigation, and the Americans who were talking to those targets may have been picked up,” she added.

What a heapin’ helpin’ on gobblety-gook!

Congress needs to grab Rice’s ass before a congressional committee that will get to the truth. You know that Rice is being coached on what to say, as I write this. She won’t have a videographer to blame for setting the Democrats on fire.

It’s time people associated with Obama start doing prison time, and not country club prison either.


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