Leftists love name-calling. They call white people racists with ease. When it’s not about race, they call Conservatives sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and misogynist, to name a few.

Leftists resort to this childish behavior when they don’t possess the intellectual heft to debate a point rationally. And that happens almost all the time.

Black Leftists go further.

Ironically, they call black Conservatives a host of unflattering things, like Uncle Tom. When that doesn’t work, they call them coons, Step-n-Fetchit, Uncle Ruckus, and so on. This is what black Leftists do to their best and brightest when they don’t succumb to group-think.

That’s been the tried and true way to control blacks. The technique has been used for hundreds of years. And before the tactic was applied to blacks, it was tested many times before.

However, after Emancipation, Democrats began name-calling in earnest.

That was only the beginning, as Democrats were quick to lynch.

Democrats can no longer lynch with ropes. However, metaphorically, they are just as vicious.

If Berkeley and Black Lives Matter have taught us anything, it’s that Leftists are vile, despicable terrorists. The Left profess to be peaceful, however they are anything but.

Leftists recently attacked Trump supporters as white supremacists based solely on their vote. And now they have a new name for uppity blacks.

After a few rounds of name calling from Leftists, a black conservative asked:

“Do you think everyone who supports Trump is a Nazi?”

Without hesitation, the group-think, knee-jerk, liberal response was:

“Yes. Let me think about it. Yes!”

An angry leftist professor also weighed in:

“It’s heading that way, yes. It’s heading that way, yes.”

The conservative group then asked for clarification:

White Trump Supporter: “Wow. Is he [a Nazi]?” (Indicating a fellow conservative who happened to be black.)

Leftist Professor: “He could be.”

Black Trump Supporter: “Am I a Nazi?”

Leftist Professor: “You could be.”

White Trump Supporter: “Wow.”

Black Trump Supporter: “I could be a Nazi?”

There is was. The new name for uppity blacks.

Then, the alt-left loon double-down. Not only are Trump supporters all Nazis. We’re all ignorant, as well.

new name for uppity blacks #KevinJackson #TeamKJLeftist Professor: “You’re ignorant. I know that.”

Black Trump Supporter: “I could be a Nazi!”

Leftist Professor: “I know you’re ignorant.”

Black Trump Supporter: “I’m ignorant and I could be a Nazi? Wow.”

White Trump Supporter: “Why are you assuming he’s ignorant when … ?”

Leftist Professor: “Because he’s supporting Trump.”

Black Trump Supporter: “You haven’t even talked to me.”

Leftist Professor: “Because you support Trump. Because you support Trump.”

And what if it turns out that Leftists are the ignorant ones.

Just to be clear for Leftists reading this, Leftists ARE the most ignorant group in America.

They elected the worst president in the history of this Republic because he’s half-black. And they wanted to elect a useless crook simply because she was a woman. That’s the epitome of ignorance.

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