TRUMP EFFECT? United Airlines Getting CRUSHED [VIDEO]

TRUMP EFFECT? United Airlines Getting CRUSHED [VIDEO]

Airlines are ruthless in their pursuit of profits. But they can be far worse at times in dealing with passengers.

Recently, it’s been a Trump tweet that causes the kind of fallout that United is experiencing. And it’s long overdue for us to address how bad the airline industry treats customers.

This was highlighted as United Airlines dragged a paying passenger off the plane when he didn’t want to give up his seat to a member of another flight crew. Who could blame him?

Honestly, I understand not wanting to give up a seat, especially when you are on the plane. In the waiting area is bad enough. But to be told you need to deplane after getting comfy is a whole other deal. Once on the plane you feel you’ve made it. Having been the last seat on a flight I HAD to make, I can only imagine the hissy fit I would have thrown.

This man obviously agreed.

As for United, my story involves waking up at the butt-crack of dawn, roughly 3:30AM and preparing to make a 6A flight.

I arrived at the airport at 4:30A, when it opened though no restaurants or other stores were. Around 5:30A a United Airlines person came around and began handing people slips of paper. Curious, I finally stopped working and asked what was happening.

The man told me the flight was canceled. He gave no explanation as to why and nonchalantly gave me a slip of paper with instructions on whom to call.

I also noticed the mad dash of passengers up to the ticketing counter and thus, I joined in.

The line was long; but I waited and tried to call and schedule another flight that could get me there on-time. I couldn’t on United.

I finally found a flight on another airline that was $500+ more than my original flight.

Cut to the chase.

United sent me a voucher for $150 for a flight segment that cost me $384, and my additional $500 flight I had to take on another airline.

I told them it wasn’t enough, but they didn’t care. In other words, I wish I had made them drag my butt from the airport.

Airlines operate like Gestapo. And when you board the plane, you are in their world.

But it please me to report that my comeuppance has arrived. According to BBC, United’s stock has taken a hit.

Shares in United Airlines’ parent company have dropped after footage of a screaming passenger being dragged off an overbooked plane went viral.

Stock in United Continental Holdings dropped by more than 4% at one point on Tuesday, and at one point nearly $1bn (£800m) was wiped off its value.

Its CEO defended employees’ conduct and said the passenger had been “disruptive and belligerent”.

But the company has come under intense criticism online.

Outraged customers have threatened in droves to stop flying with United and the CEO’s response to the incident has been pilloried.

Share prices recovered slightly later in the day, but were still below opening prices.

The airlines put out a hit piece on Dr. Dao. The article tied the man to sexual harassment, and dealing drugs for sex.

To that I say, “We aren’t trying to elect the man to CONGRESS!”

What the hell does this have to do to how he was treated? Freak or not, Dr. Dao has rights!

And if Trump tweets about them, it could be worse.



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