United Airlines TOSSES More than Asians Off their Planes [VIDEO]

United Airlines TOSSES More than Asians Off their Planes

A friend of mine and I discussed United Airlines recent woes on my radio show. He related to me a story about his friend being raked over the coals by United as well. But for a very different reason.

Dave Carroll is a musician. While headed to a gig, he experienced a problem with United Airlines.

When the plane landed in Chicago, passengers looked out the window at baggage handlers and noticed they were tossing the band’s musical instruments around like Guatemalan midgets.

When the band retrieved their instruments from baggage claim, Dave found that his guitar had been damaged.

He reported the incident to United Airlines personnel, who didn’t give a crap. They made a report and gave Dave the “pat pat.” Then, they sent Dave and the band on their way.

Dave rented a guitar while his was repaired, and the band performed like nothing had happened. But that wasn’t the end of the issue for Dave.

When he got home he followed up on the situation with United Airlines, expecting a quick resolution. However, no matter how high he climbed the resolution ladder, he met the same corporate lackey.

In the end, the airline offered him chump change in the form of a $150 voucher to fix a $1,000 problem. I did mention that Dave is a professional musician.

Anyhow, Dave decided to get back at the airline by singing about the incident to his fairly large base of fans.

After 1,000,000 views the airlines called to “settle” the issue. Dave declined, saying, “I think I’ll wait until the song has a few more million views.”

The song reached that, and the airline called back and things were settled. We are told that Dave hasn’t paid for travel in over a decade.

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