WRATH OF TRUMP: U.S. Forces Bomb the SH*T Out of ISIS AGAIN!

WRATH OF TRUMP: U.S. Forces Bomb the SH*T Out of ISIS AGAIN!

Fulfilling his campaign promise, again, President Trump takes out ISIS assets and fighting positions.

As if the January and February airstrikes Trump ordered weren’t powerful enough. Here comes another dose of American might.

force bombFirst, our team reported that President Trump bombed the sh*t out of ISIS just after his inauguration. Next, he bombed them again in February.

Finally, Trump unloaded the mother of all bombs on ISIS earlier this month.

In Trump’s latest round of airstrikes, U.S. and coalition forces target ISIS assets in Syria and Iraq. Yesterday, these forces conducted a whopping 36 airstrikes consisting of 74 engagements to wipe out ISIS strongholds.

Operation Inherent Resolve was a combined joint task force that destroyed the following in Syria:

  • Two strikes near Abu Kamal destroyed three ISIS well heads.
  • Four strikes near Dayr Az Zawr destroyed 15 oil stills and five ISIS well heads.
  • Ten strikes near Raqqah destroyed 24 ISIS oil facility assets and an ISIS fighting position.
  • Eight strikes near Tabqah destroyed five ISIS fighting positions and two roadside bombs.

In Iraq, coalition forces conducted 12 strikes with the following results:

  • One strike near Kisik suppressed two mortar teams.
  • Six strikes near Mosul destroyed six mortar systems, four fighting positions, four rocket-propelled grenade systems, three ISIS vehicles, two front-end loaders, two ISIS watercraft, a weapons cache, and a tunnel; damaged 11 ISIS supply routes, and a fighting position; and suppressed two ISIS tactical units.
  • One strike near Qayyrarah engaged an ISIS tactical unit.
  • Three strikes near Rawah destroyed eight weapons caches and two ISIS staging areas.
  • One strike near Tal Afar engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed an ISIS fuel truck.

In addition, two new strikes brought the following results:

  • On April 20, one strike near Mosul destroyed a rocket system.
  • And on April 21, another strike near Tabqah, Syria suppressed an ISIS tactical unit

President Trump’s skill as a deal maker rallied morale and support to bring lethal results to ISIS’ infrastructure.

In three months, Trump did more than his predecessor had in eight years to reduce the threat of radical Islamic extremists in the Middle East.

The combined coalition military forces conducted the above strikes by fighter, attack, bomber, rotary-wing or remotely piloted aircraft; rocket-propelled artillery, and some ground-based tactical artillery.

Rallying military forces from around the globe, our president seems on schedule to take out ISIS before his first term ends.

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