WAS SHE DRUNK: Maxine Waters EXPLAINS Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

WAS SHE DRUNK: Maxine Waters EXPLAINS Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

When the Left discuss illegal immigration these days, the one word they use regularly is “dreamers.”

That’s what Congressional Black Circus member Maxine Waters lectured on recently, as she made her case for allowing illegal immigration.

It’s difficult to argue for sending children to a country they don’t know because they were brought unknowingly to a country by their illegal parents. In fact, many people completely understand this.

Nevertheless, there are holes in this argument.

Waters claims these children have nothing to return to; all they know is America. But is that true? She implies that these children have no family in their “home countries,” when in fact they likely have more family in their countries of origin than they have in America.

Perhaps these children should get to know their many relatives in their country of origin? Would she feel better if we called it a cultural  “exchange program”?

Moreover, the idea that these children will go back to worse implies elitism. Is America so much better than their countries?

Which is it, Leftists?

Is America so bad, nobody wants to be here? Or is it that America is so good, everybody wants to come here?

What about OUR case against illegal immigration?

When Donald Trump decided to deport all the illegals who have committed felonies, most Americans felt this was a good first step.

In as much as the Left wants us to concede that some “dreamers” deserve to remain in America, shouldn’t they concede that all criminals MUST go?

And “dreamers” aside, shouldn’t ALL illegals get behind the people attempting to get into America legally?

Then there is the specious argument that there are too many illegals, thus we should just legalize them.

Front Page provides a great example:

While many journalists and politicians have agreed that aliens who have serious criminal convictions should be deported, but insist that since the millions of illegal aliens who are present in the United States cannot all be arrested, it is reasonable to provide them with lawful status, especially if they are working and paying taxes.

Of course our immigration laws are not about aliens paying taxes and not only are illegal aliens prohibited from working but aliens admitted under certain categories of visas are also prohibited from working. This is about protecting the jobs and wages of American workers.

This sort of “reasoning” is never applied to any other area of law enforcement whether we consider the law enforcement response to drunk driving, texting while driving, tax fraud or other crimes. Yet this supposed solution, is no solution at all, just a thinly veiled effort to meet the demands of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association and a laundry list of industries and special interest groups who make monumental campaign contributions seeking to get “the best government money can buy.”

Using that logic, there are too many thieves in America, so let’s make stealing legal. And by the way, there are far too many rapes in America, so let’s just do away with those Draconian laws against rape. Psst.

As for the organizations that support illegals, Leftists point to their own organizations when arguing their points.

Recently when I appeared on Outnumbered on FOX, Marie Sharf, former State Department spokesperson reference the Chamber of Commerce. She used the organization to defend her stance for illegal immigration. 

Frankly, who cares what the Chamber of Commerce wants. They are a self-serving organization hiding behind capitalism, yet completely controlled by anti-capitalist Leftists.

Illegals break our laws when they circumvent the system as “undocumented”. They cannot be allowed in this country for any reason unless they do it the right way.

Maxine Waters knows this and so does the rest of the Leftist circle of lunatics.


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