Watch This Saudi Official Herds Girls Like Goats [VIDEO]

Watch This Saudi Official Herds Girls Like Goats [VIDEO]

Holy Mother of Susan Anthony, where is Hillary Clinton when women REALLY need her? Someone slap Ashley Judd.

Ashley Judd, “IS THIS THING ON!?”

Judd’s recent declaration that Muslim Women have more rights than American women just blew up in her face.

While Judd is living in fantasy land, pretending Saudi Arabia cradles women in some patriarchal bosom, a new video has surfaced that proves otherwise.

In this video that surfaced, a Saudi Arabian school guard herds girls. Yes, the same way men in America herd animals.

Moreover, these were “infidel” girls, but good old-fashioned Allah-fearing, Muhammed-worshipping Islam-loving Muslim girls. And they wore the burkas to prove it.

Last week Judd’s fellow Leftist, Alicia Keys proclaimed the beauty of burkas. Forget what the burka symbolizes: total submission to men, {ahem} and the subjugation of women.

Tweeters set Keys straight.

One interesting part of the video is the use of the stick.

Note how the man bangs the stick on metal to get the attention of the “herd.”

Then finally, he decides that he need to actually use the stick to prod the women.

They weren’t being disobedient as far as I could see. However I do have “American Christian Conservative” eyes, and therefore can’t always detect the insolence of the weaker–and in the case of Leftist women, stupider–sex.

I loved the snark in this tweet, as Richard mentions, “feminism and empowerment, (sic) muslim style.”


Leave it to the Hollyweirdos to glamourize the mistreatment of women in another culture.

Try to imagine what these women go through privately, given how they are treated publicly.

You can hear cars in the background, as men drive (yes, mostly men drive in Saudi Arabia) along and witness the herding.

Hollyweirdos likely see the treatment as artistic, dare I say sensual display. 50 Shades of Islam, perhaps.

You can bet these women aren’t parading around with vaginas caps on their heads. Further, you can bet that NO non-Muslim women will don the pink pussy caps and head over to the Middle East to protest on their behalf.

These women are deprived of dignity and respect, while Leftist women around the globe pretend to fight for Women’s Rights.

Clinton, Judd, and Keys fight for nothing. They just want to feel relevant, without doing anything remotely relevant.



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