EMBARRASSING: FAKE NEWS Doesn’t Get More Obvious Than This!

EMBARRASSING: FAKE NEWS Doesn’t Get More Obvious Than This!

The term fake news is slowly becoming watered down, though it certainly shouldn’t be.

The only question for us to ask is what took us so long to realize that what the lamestream media fed us was indeed fake news?

Look at the currently demolished narratives in the past year.

Trump is a racist and a misogynist. Apparently, black people and women seem to not care.

Hillary Clinton polls expand her lead. We all know the outcome of that fake news snafu.

Barack Obama voted among presidential greats. Of Zimbabwe. Yes, there was a punchline.

Trump supporters condone violence. We know who the real hooligans are, and they are leftists.

A Trump win would destroy the economy. Tell the stock market and the jobs reports.

And there were many others.

Regardless, this video destroys multiple narratives around what really happened at Berkeley. See for yourself.


Destruction of the media industrial complex helped America in the long run. For this demolition to occur required the perfect candidate. We needed an accomplished man willing to fight back.

Trump proves the Right right, daily.

His ideas are little more than common sense. Unfortunately, when you have been governed by leftists for so long, common sense is in short supply.

Consider Trump’s slogan: Make America Great Again. This saying sent leftists reeling.

Some said, “America was already great.” I’ll buy some of that, though these morons knew the greater meaning. That Obama had done much to sully the reputation of America.

But for those who said, “America was never great.” Seriously?

And what of the marketing around “America First?” What American would argue with this concept? When we send our team to the Olympics for example, do we cheer for other teams?

It’s patently un-American to not agree with “America First.”

Then Trump rolled out, “Buy American, Hire American!” One would think this mantra would be part of our presidential DNA. But not with Obama. The man conceded that jobs were lost from America, never to return.

And when Trump returns those jobs, leftists complain.

How do you win with the Left?

Instead of touting unemployment figures, President Trump shows Americans REAL jobs at REAL companies. And these are not “jobs Americans don’t want to do,” but instead jobs Americans would give their right nut to do.

Carrier, Ford, Boeing, IBM, Dow Chemical, U.S. Steel, Softbank, Alibaba, with many more jobs to come. Leftists know that President Trump has done more for the economy in less than 100 days than Obama did in 8 years. And he didn’t need a bailout to achieve it.

On foreign policy, President Trump has been nothing short of magical. However, the Left hold him to impossible standards (for Obama), that Trump easily surpasses.

Yet the Left continue to protest and whine.

Such are the actions of people who will do anything to protect their lie: Barack Obama.

If I were them,  I would be ashamed that I voted for Obama as well. I would wear my masks, cover my face, and attempt to marginalize the new president.

Because one thing is for sure, the Tea Party Community who supported President Trump have no shame. We don’t need to riot to make our point, as we performed legal insurrection at the voter’s booth.

We proudly show our faces and attend our meetings and rallies. And we gladly support our president. No polls, fake news media, or leftist anarchy will change that.

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