43 Muslims Indicted for Trafficking, Money Laundering in Virginia

43 Muslims Indicted for Trafficking, Money Laundering in Virginia

Attack, rape, and terrorize citizens- no big deal. Start stealing from the state, and leftists sit up and take notice!

A whopping 743 indictments stem from an investigation that began in 2015! Millions of dollars worth of cigarettes were being trafficked illegally.

According to NBC News:

Police say the investigation developed into a multi-state operation.

“If you come to Henrico County or central Virginia to engage in this type of organized crime, we will come after you,” said Henrico Police Chief Humberto Cardounel, Jr.

Almost half the of the suspects are behind bars, but nearly two dozen are on the run.  Like Sid Tfeil, who according to several news agencies is trying to seek asylum in Canada.

More than 20 agencies, including local, state and federal law enforcement, as well as businesses were involved in the investigation. Officials have determined that this was an “organized criminal enterprise.”

“I believe it’s perhaps the largest case I’m aware of anywhere in the region,” said Chief Cardounel.

Police say the suspects involved in this case used fraudulent documentation to create 29 businesses in the Richmond area, and officials say those businesses would then be utilized to buy tax-exempt cigarettes in large quantities. Authorities say the cigarettes would then be transported out of state and then be resold for a “substantial profit.”

“Often times they’ll go to a location of where a business license is as well and find that it’s actually a vacant lot or a storage unit, and not truly a business,” said Deputy Chief Mike Palkovics with Henrico Police Department’s Investigative Bureau.

Police say the investigation involves over 600,000 cartons with an estimated value of $30,000,000.

These hardened criminals cheated the system. Now they face the government’s crackdown.

Sadly, this fraud is only the tip of the iceberg.

Muslim crimes run much deeper. And in this particular instance, bank fraud is what initiated suspicions.

As Creeping Sharia reports:

Police say initially 12 to 14 people were allegedly involved in a form of bank fraud called “check kiting,” the process of intentionally writing checks from bank accounts without available money. According to police, the individuals committed fraud at nine Fairfax County banks leading to a loss of $620,000.

The individuals were also allegedly establishing credit via numerous deposits and withdrawals. According to police, they rented cars from rental car companies with debit cards, but withdrew money from bank accounts once the purchase was completed, preventing the companies from collecting the payment.

Authorities later discovered that more than 80 people were linked to the banking fraud. It was also determined that most of them were part of the cigarette tax fraud and smuggling operation conducted from a home in Falls Church, Virginia.

Falls Church, Virginia

Also called THE WAHHABI CORRIDOR, Falls Church is home to a notorious terror-mosque.

9/11 hijackers got their IDs there. Muslims in Falls Church cheered the 9/11 attacks there, and Bin Laden’s nephew lived there. It’s basically ground zero for Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the U.S. But leftists want these illegals to be given the red-carpet treatment.

That is, until tax dollars disappear. Now 19 of the 46 men are in custody. One of them is seeking asylum in Canada. Most of the Muslims in this ring came from North Africa, and are not American citizens. The Left wants to say shame on Donald Trump when he tries to remove these criminals- but shame on liberals for allowing money to be the defining factor in stopping these crime rings.

The bad news is now the US taxpayer will foot the bill to house and feed these criminals. It’s a small price to pay to keep these rapists off the streets. It’s just too bad protecting our mothers and daughters didn’t matter near as much as the lost tax revenues.

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